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Alysia Harper

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Name: Alysia Harper


Station(s): Weapons.



Born upon the freighter vessel Mayora, Alysia Harper was given one of four birth assignments that dictates her purpose on the ship. These are indicated by tattoos printed on the side of their head taking the shape of a pip from a deck of cards. Harper, being Engineering was given a heart. Attached to a body scarring exoskeleton during work-shifts, she would sweat, bleed, and cry to ensure the working operation of the self-sustaining Mayora. The Engineering assignment was not seen as a curse, rather as a gift. Individuals who survive the conditions are usually very smart, philosophical and usually self aware. Those assigned to other birth assignments: Mercantile (Clubs), Security (Diamonds), and Flight Crew (Spades) more often than not assisted Engineering where they could. This usually takes the form of reduced rates at stores, free services such as medical or assistance as available.


When Harper turned 18, she partaked in the ship tradition of  "Hopping". When the vessel arrives at a planet port that is known to offer opportunities in various fields, those who have turned Eighteen are forced to leave the ship to explore the outside world and decide their fate. If after five years they survive, they can return to the Mayora and be given a temporary number tattoo next to their assignment tat to indicate number of years on ship times two. At 20 years (Indicated by 10 on head), they can retire on the Mayora and enjoy it's comforts if they wish. Harper, having been dropped off at one of these ports was rather dedicated to her duties of crewing a ship. It was not long before Harper's curious questioning of locals and investigative nature lead her to the recruitment office for the Federation. Scoring high marks on her tests allowed her to go Fleet where she has been since.


She currently is stationed on the AFC BC-291 Ulysses S. Grant. Over the past half year her dedication and skill in Bridge Operations has allowed her to progress quickly through Fleet. Recently, she married James Chevosky in the Mobile Infantry, where their relationship has helped thaw tension between the M.I and most of the Fleet. Chevosky would die on the day Harper was promoted to Master Chief Petty Officer, who has since dedicated her full time to maintaining ship operations as she slowly recovers.


Tech Document submitted to PM.

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