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Mobile Infantry Roster

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Post here once your character reaches the rank of Lance Corporal.

Should your character be promoted or demoted, post it here in this thread.

If you go on a LOA, post it in this thread.


Anyone who holds a rank stated above is required to post in this thread.

Please post your timezone and steam name or most commonly referred to name.


It is also mandatory for Corporals and above to join the MI command club via applying in the club system.





112th Mobile Infantry Roster




      Company Commander     

Sebastian Bently

Optic (GMT + 1)


     Company Executive Commander    

Liliana Verbeck (2nd Platoon)

Kris (GMT +1)

Travis Young

Medic (GMT -7)


  Platoon Leader  



  Platoon Staff Sergeants  

Tom Solomons

McRann (GMT-4)

Patrick Stevenson

StevieJr (GMT -6)



  Platoon Sergeants  

Pauline Westervelt

Appetite Ruining Kebab (GMT +3)

Vito Dominiko


Sarah Redbrick


  Platoon Corporals  

Anton Volker


Alexander Tschenkowitsh

Confuse a Cat (GMT +2)

David Harris


Kyril Layland 

Cipher (GMT +1)

Gray Seraphim 

Bernhard Franke


Greg Simms

Boland (GMT -6)

Iris Blanka

N y x (EST)

   Platoon Lance Corporals  

Ashton O'Shea

Cornelius Zeem

Baltazar (GMT +3)

Jackie Knoxx

Sassy (GMT +1)

Artyom Kholvok

N y x (EST)

Jamie Sanderson.


Lawrence Chandler

Zeppy (GMT -5)

Jeremy Jones


Qasi Dubois

Moon Man (GMT -6)


To be Removed:





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