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Mobile Infantry Roster

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LOA for 2-3 days. Official 10/9/2018.


A little burnt out so I am taking a small break from on-server duties. I will still be active on steam and in general. If you need me to hop on the server for something let me know and I will do so.

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Corporal Bernhard Franke transfers to the 42nd.


Moving across the country, and won't have good enough ping to keep playing during drops, or even a computer for Gmod for months.

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Going on LOA for 2 weeks, I'll see you ladies at the end of the month, contact me if you really need me, only then I will hop on and do what I can to assist in whatever is needed. Other than that o7.

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Carl Rocks, Lance Corp'. GMT +1 and Confuse-a-cat Ltd. Put Lick on a LOA of a few weeks. Maybe one or two. Don't have the time to do trainings and co. And Rocks will show himself on weekends or such. May you all have a good day fellow human beings of flesh and mind. May you enjoy your stay here. |8°{]

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