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Artyom Kholvok - Russia's BFG

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(Props to Nazz for this format)

Artyom D. Kholvok



Artyom, pictured during training exercises in response to the terrorist attacks in Moscow.



Character Summary

Renegade<███████ | ████████>Paragon

Awful<███████|██████|██████>Not Awful


Name: Artyom Dakovich Kholvok
Aliases: N/A
Age: 25
Birthday: Dec. 8th
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Birth Planet: Terra
Heritage Russian
Hometown: Uvarovo, Russia
Gender: Male
Specialization: Marauder
Height: 6ft. 3in.
Weight: 232lbs.
Build: Mesomorphic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale




Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus


The Nine of Wands
"No" isn't an answer this man takes when a task is ahead of him. Others might consider him to be stubborn, defensive, and paranoid, and they wouldn't be too far off. Artyom takes his life, and the lives of his comrades into his hands, and the only way to take them out of it is through his cold, dead hands. A man who has learned from his mistakes has also not forgotten them, keeping him on his toes at all times. Artyom values the bonds that soldiers share with one another, and knows these can mean life or death on the field. He sees dependability as the most important feat of any soldier. Artyom also holds soldiers that can either drink more than him, or have similar values as him in high regards. All in all, in his professional life, perseverance and valor are the two things to win this man's trust.
On the personal side, things are more relaxed. Maybe just a little more -drunk-. His most relaxed state will always be in the bar, with his deck of cards out. 


Strict * Quiet-Mannered * Tactically-Minded * Straight-Forward * Introvert

Marital Status: Unmarried


  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Fidgeting
  • Mumbling off in his native language



  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Playing Cards
  • Training
  • Physical Workouts



  • None



  • High Expectations
  • People who aren't pussies
  • Following Legitimate Orders
  • Cold Climates
  • Realistic Perception / Ideology
  • Fish
  • Good Quality Fish
  • Alcohol & Tobacco




  • Psychics
  • Corruption
  • Incapable Leaders
  • Overly Friendly People
  • Overly Confident People
  • People Who Shouldn't Be In The Infantry


History & Misc

General Skills:

  • Photographic Memory
  • Peak Physical Condition
  • Basic Marauder Training
  • CLS Certification


Face Claim: Some random Russian dude
Criminal Record: None

Anything Else:

  • Artyom's accent clearly shows his Russian ethnicity.
  • Artyom is right-handed.
  • Artyom is the oldest of three children.
  • Artyom's family has a long line of veterans.
  • Artyom has photographic memory.
  • Artyom has a tattoo sleeve.



Stole from McMann


- Friend   Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked Hated -


(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Artyom? (Yes, No)

/ † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred



Alysia Harper

Artyom sees Harper as a Fleetie with some decency compared to his usual opinion of Fleet members being one of distaste. In Artyom's eyes, Harper is less an aloof Fleetie, and more of a relaxed, humble person. He might enjoy talking at the bar with her, but he has no wish to fight by her side on the field, seeing as she is not physically adept for that.


"Is not bad. Would not fight beside, but wouldn not mind watching from sky."


Sarah Redbrick


Kholvok usually only gives people his full respect if he feels they have earned it. Redbrick certainly has, with her as droplead on the drop in Russia where he was thoroughly impressed with not only her leadership, but her knowledge and overall usage of a marauder in the field. Ship-side, he is pleased that she isn't a cock of an NCO, like how some tend to be.


"Capable NCO's seem rare these days. Am happy to serve under someone who knows how to use marauder on field."


Vito Dominiko


Artyom looks at the man as someone who isn't quite there yet leadership wise, but  definitely has potential.


"Needs to be more man."


Jee-un Choi

Artyom enjoys the 'cock-blocking' himself and Choi take part in against Freeman. It seems Artyom has found a friend in Choi.


"Is enjoyable, fooling with Freeman in bar with Choi. Is good entertainment."


Patrick Stevenson


Artyom bonded with this man over the discussion of what is the best part of a woman. 'Dusha' came to be the bonding word between the two. Artyom looks at Stevenson as a top notch soldier, and a capable NCO. He also approves of his leadership shipwide as well.


"Самая важная часть женщины ... это душа. Do not forget this."


Amanda Whitfield


Artyom's first interaction with Amanda was his and Choi's attempts at cock-blocking Freeman from getting Amanda. Now, a small tinge of attraction seems to have formed after a the two spent time at the bar with one another. On a professional level, he deems her more than capable, seeing as she willingly goes to practice at the armory, and is a rather independent woman.


"Is capable woman. Not only is she good on eyes, she holds herself in professional manner. Even trains in armory. Most likely only Fleetie I could stand by in battle and feel confident in them."



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