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Heresiarch Grimm

David Attenborough would be proud

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Whilst roaming the decks of the Grant waiting for a birthday to happen, one Trooper found a rare pair of birds. It has been documented for future reference.


If you see any wildlife aboard the Grant or other areas of interest, please document them. Such interesting fauna includes the Rook Crab found on most beach R'n'R planets, the Orwellion Crow and the Kukao Desert Spider.

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Just now, Randynand said:

Love me,
my razor blade.

Peel my skin,
make me scream.

Sink so deep,
make me weep.

Cut my flesh,
make me bleed.

Take my life,
set me free.

This is weak.


Where's my Lord of the Lost? My Papa Roach? Linkin Park? Breaking Benjamin?

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