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Heresiarch Grimm

Armoury Work and Maintenance Forms

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Didn't see anything like this in this section of the forums, gonna put this here.


Date: 16/08/98

Name, Rank: Apukohai Tyberos, Lance Corporal.

Section 01:

Weapon System: Morita Mark Three Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW).
Identification Number on Weapon: 52.

Reason for Form;

Maintenance [_]

Repair [X]

Lost [_]

Destroyed [_]

Transferred / Shipped [_]

Decomposed [_]

Section 02:

Explain in 150 words or less the reason for filing this form:


SAW 52 was damaged by one (1) 8 gauge shell at close range. Severe damage to Upper Receiver. Repairs conducted, weapon can now fire as normal.

Section 03:

Please check the damaged area(s) or any area(s) that required work on the weapon if applicable:

Stock [_]

Grip [_]

Lower Receiver [X]

Upper Receiver [X]

Barrel [X]

Handguard [X]

Muzzle / Muzzle break [_]

Sights [X]


If any of the boxes for Section 03 have been checked, please note what was done in the box provided:


Upper Receiver right side torn open. Ejection port no-longer exists. Is now an Ejection hole. Attempt made to weld small metal "lips" to curb current issue of the weapon ejecting spent casings everywhere to the right side. Currently works, will need continuous checking for the next week to ensure no malfunctions occur as a result of modification.
Feeding chain shattered into seven (7) parts. Replacement chain fitted.

Motor driving the Drum shot. Motor replaced.

Drum damaged. Drum replaced.

Firing system destroyed. Firing system replaced.


Additional comment(s):


Serious comments -

Weapon should be closely monitored for any further issues. Currently has no issues firing and ejecting spent rounds, but it could change.


Non-serious comments-

Officially requesting that SAW 52 be renamed "52 Directions of Ejections" due ejection issue prior to modification.
If weapon continues to work as intended, request small note stating that I am a verified Technical Necromancer.


Section 04:

By signing this document you agree that everything upon this form is factually true, and are aware that you may be required to produce a copy of this form with a statement should any legal issues arise as a result of the information presented in the event of an official investigation.

Please sign your name here: Apukohai Tyberos.



Deliver the original of this form to the Head Quartermaster, deliver a copy to a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for database purposes and retain a copy for record purposes.

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