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[IC]A handwritten letter

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Infront of you lays a handwritten letter. Multiple copies of it can be found around the ship.


This letter is addressed to and about Staff Sergeant A. Vickers, Sergeant T. Hughes, Corporal H. Clenmore, Lance Corporal F. AgterEekte, Lance Corporal G. Seraphim, Privat J. Barnabe and lastly myself.


On the 17th of August, 2298, these just named were sent onto the planet Perxies. We were informed to find someone and take them out. How was not important. But it did not go that way. The weather stood against us from the beginning. An always us exhausting cold, which we were warned for. But no warning could have saved us from what happened down there. The moment we left the dropship, this cold started nagging on us all, slowly and constantly exhausting us. The few moments inside of houses were almost no relieving. The only thing they did is, break our immune system, laying off its guard, before going back into the cold. The constant walking, fighting and running did not make it any easier. At all times, we were busy staying alive, just to fight on and find out more about why we are actually there and what this insurgency actually means. Let's hope that it was worth it. But the big boom came when we knew it was time to call it a day when it was time to go home. Only then we realised, that our LRR did not have what was needed to reach the Grant above the planet. Our only option was the info of some dude who was from the area. He told us about a radio tower, that we desperately tried to reach, and with a hard time did. But the way there was hard and full of obstacles. And if only one member of this squad would not have been there, then we wouldn't be standing in the Grant once more.


Vickers - You led us through this frozen hell and proofed not only why you are where you are, but that you are MI. Not stopping and pushing on, she showed what it means to lead. Keeping a cold head and optimism, when death is smiling upon us all.


Hughes - We both climbed the tower in the end. After all this shit, we knew that this last challenge of courage and pure control over ourselves was the last test of surviving this frozen nightmare. And I tell you, we did not see any reason to hold back. It was our duty as members of the squad, and this dedication to our duties is what kept and will keep us going.


Clenmore - You were by fast the fittest and fastest till the end, and knowing this, you did us a great deal. You scouted ahead and did help out anywhere you could, just there always and helping. It was good, knowing that where I would go, sleepy and exhausted, you checked the area and knew it to be safe.


AgterEekte - You were, almost literally, the backbone of this squad. You were back and making sure, that not one of us had the chance to fall out of line. You kept us together in a storm, that made it hard enough to keep yourself together. And I thank you for that.


Seraphim - You carried a man, in your situation for a majority of the escape. You were there and showed that no one is to be left behind, that nothing is standing above the life of a comrade. You showed us that we all can make it, and therefore will make it. This was an infinite boost of morale, something we needed at the time the most.


Barnabe - I honestly did not think, that you would make it. When you were in the water, in this damn cold water, I was certain that the Grimm Reaper would get you. But he did not. With the help of the squad and seemingly your will to live, you fought through. This was honestly inspiring and showed again: No one is to be seen as death until their dog tag is in your hands and they won't stop you from taking it.


Charly Timms

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