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Paul Schmidt

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Name: Paul Schmidt

Station(s): Engineering, Science, Relay, Helms, Weapons.


Born on the planet Hesperus, at the 14.03.2977, Paul was the third son of German colonists on the planet. As a kid, he developed an early on interest in mathematics, technical systems of all kind and logistics. Due to both of his parents working on a shipyard, like most people on Hesperus do, he was able to get a lot of information on these subject hand on and was even helping out as a hobby in his free time.

In school, Paul had average grades at best until his last year. He knew he wanted to go into the fleet for quite some time, and worked his ass off for better grades. He made the grades needed to become a fleet technician and joined directly after school. He worked on various vehicles, mostly transport ships and with all kind of ranks, before being offered a position on the Ulysses Grant. He accepted it out of his patience for the technical wonder hidden and build into the Grant, and worked himself through the ranks ever since as a technician and future bridge member.

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Accepted as OCdt for Engineering, write up a Techdoc such as This (Jun's), doesn't have to be as flashy.

Check the Fleet category to see what's already been established, then submit your techdoc to me via PMs or in response on this thread. It can be any one aspect of the ship that isn't already established. Lifesupport, CIWS etc.

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