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Iris 'Blanket' Blanka

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(Props to Nazz for this format)

Iris V. Blanka

Face Claim:








Voice Claim:







Image result for identical twins blue eyes brown hair

Iris (Right), and her sister, Mitra at age 2.




Character Summary






Name: Iris Veronika Blanka

Aliases: 'Blanket'

Age: 23

Birthday: Dec. 26

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birth Planet: Terra

Heritage: Ukrainian

Hometown: Dnipro

Gender: Female

Specialization(s): Psychic Operative, Engineer

Height: 5ft. 7in.

Weight: 140 lbs

Build: Mesomorphic

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown

Skin Tone: Pale



Third Specialist


WO. Petra Blanka - Mother - ALIVE

Cpt. Sergei Blanka - Father - ALIVE

Lt. Mitra Blanka - Sister - ALIVE

Sgt. Alexei Blanka - Brother - ALIVE



(Iris on RnR)




Marital Status: Unmarried



  • Biting of Fingernails

  • Smoking



  • Stargazing

  • Astronomy

  • Psychic Workouts

  • Physical Workouts



  • Monophobia – Fear of being alone or of one's self.

  • Pyrophobia - Fear of fire.

  • Fear of -Certain People-.




  • Cats

  • Fruit Punch

  • Fruit

  • Basically anything sweet




  • Liars

  • Superiority Complexes

  • Cunts



History & Misc

General Skills:

  • Pretty Fuckin' Shitty Psychic Abilities

  • Base Engineer Training

  • M55 Certs (HEAT, HEDP)

  • Explosives Training

  • CQC Training

  • MEC Training



  • Valorous Unit Medal
  • Meritorious Unit  Medal
  • Purple Heart (2 Stars)


Cherished Items:

  • Parrow's Marble Bracelet
  • Mitra's Star Necklace
  • York's Scarf


Criminal Record: None


Anything Else:

  • Iris has a sleeve tattoo of a set of constellations on her right arm.

  • Iris has a Ukrainian accent.

  • Iris has an identical twin sister.



Stole from McMann


- Friend  -  Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked - Hated -


(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Iris? (Yes, No)

/ † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred



[All are posed with the question, "What do you think of (insert name)?]




Troy Hughes

Iris sees Hughes as not only a reliable trooper on the field, but also a down-to-earth person she can trust. His willingness to help her in her training and also with her issues makes her feel comforted with the knowledge that he will have her back.

Iris simply doesn't know how to look at Hughes, after his breakdown and near interrogation of Iris, and also his relationship with someone other than Harper.


"Serzhant Hughes. He's... He's got some things he needs to work out. He's a friend, but... Still."


George McCarthy

Iris barely knows George, but understands he is at least semi-competent at his job.


"Who? Oh, him... Yeah. He's okay."


Alysia Harper

Iris; on a personal level; has taken a liking to the rather nice and friendly Fleet Ensign. She enjoys her company, and also is pleased that Alysia let's her practice on her with whatever mind power Iris is learning. Although, Iris does not like when people purposely pick fights with others, or pull rank against others simply to remind them that 'they are better'.

Blanka is happy that Harper and Hughes are back together, and hopes that she can help them stay together.


"Enzign Harper? She's a good Fleet member, but... I feel distant, now. I don't know why."



Jee-un Choi

Iris has gotten herself into a strange friendship with Choi. Most of the time, Choi is either laying her head on Blanka's shoulder, or going to get the two more food. Choi and Iris seem to have formed a strong bond since Choi's arrival to the 112th.


"Choi? Oh, she's the 'Cosmic Brownie' of the ship. And she still calls me 'Psycho'. Don't ever change. Well, besides the strrange love life. I'm alright if that changes."


Argus Parrow

Blanka is unsure of Parrow's intentions with her, but the man is polite and not too much of a dickbag as far as she can tell. She does enjoy having conversations at the bar with him, even if he can be a little flirty at times.

Upon further instances with Parrow, Iris has found an attraction to him, due to his sweet and kindly mannerisms.

Much more recently, Blanka seems to be pushing Parrow away, as she has with a few others.


"Parrrow. He's.... Amazing. But. I just... I don't deserve him. I can't have bonds with anyone right now. I can't. I can't end up like her."


Gray Seraphim

Iris has seen little of Gray's combat experience, and from it, she deems him competent. Although she barely knows him on a personal level, she doesn't mind hanging with him in the bar.


"Gray's not bad. He seems very relaxed. I'm alrright with this."



Apukohai Tyberos

Iris finds this man both confusing and interesting at the same time. His nature and the way he acts sometimes creeps her out, but when the two converse, he seems quite intllectually adept and also fun to converse with.


"Tyberros? He's a good frriend. He's got quirrks, but don't we all?"


Jackie Knoxx

Iris enjoys the company of Knoxx and her rather 'unique' personality. Although sometimes it can cause problems, as with Harper, Iris is mostly able to overlook this on a professional basis. Mostly. Although, on a personal basis, Iris likes the way Jackie deals with her problems. A head on, no bullshit approach.


"Jackie? Oh, she doesn't give up. I admirre her."


Preston Mueller

Blanka's friendship with Mueller was born on the Arc, where the two of them stuck together, watching each other's back.


"Preston. Yeah, I trust him. He's had my back in the past, and I know he'll have it in the future."



Travis Young

Young is one of the COs that Blanka trusts the most. From the few times they have spoken, and the many times she has been under his leadership, Iris deems him to be a more than capable trooper.


"I can respect the man. He has obviously earned his rank, but.... Still."


Sylase Freeman

Iris doesn't need to be a psychic to know this man has an attraction for her. She also doesn't need to be a psychic to realize how strange and immature this man is.

Blanka feels a slight tinge of worry for the man, seeing him acting less stupid, and more distant than before.


"He's a sad man. I have, and will continue, to try and help the man with his problems."


Daniel Dumont

This man confuses Iris. From claiming she had an 'attitude', to just how weird and random his remarks were, she has no clue how to feel about him.

She finds his humor funny, now that she has become familiar with it.


"He's funny. He sucks at joking, sometimes, though."


Devin Saiphan

Iris is amused at his attempts to flirt with her. Besides that, she approves of his skills as an engineer.


"He's a capable engineer, as I've seen."



Sarah Redbrick

After being lead by the woman on multiple drops, Blanka had hardly known Redbrick. Now, whenever Stevenson and Redbrick allowed Blanka to practice her powers on them, Blanka learned -everything- about Redbrick, whether she intended to or not. This single interaction has tested everything that Blanka had known and believed, instilling in her a feeling she cannot explain.


"Serzhant Redbrrick is.... She... uhm.... I... I don't want to talk about it."


Patrick Stevenson

At first, Iris saw the man as a stereotypical NCO, out to make enlisted life Hell. When the first time he got to know Stevenson and Redbrick better came along, she noted he did not like the thought of letting others know what was in his mind. She didn't push him, allowing him to do just that. The next time the two spoke, under rather comical circumstances, Blanka had learned far more than before about the man, without even using her powers. she simply got him to talk about his thoughts, and why he is the way he is.


"Serzhant Stevenson, yes, yes... He's a good NCO. A little overly harsh with the enlisted, but he's cracking out of that hardass shell."


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