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day in life of sst admin

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not to add shit to ur perpetual garbage fire, but uhhhHHHhHHHHHHHHHH

wait a minute i dont have anything valuable to add.


oh wait, yes i do. bans have never been consistent at .net. hell, we've had admins literally NUKE the briefing and get away with it. we've had admins CRASH the server without repercussion, despite the fact they did it out of negligence. we've had people blow up the murphy without anything. but now ur saying there's a 'system' and that it's an 'obvious punishment.' u guys have been such pushovers with the rules that some of the players cant take u seriously. and no i dont mean the people i circle jerk with, i mean in general. in other words, straighten out ur act and be unified in ur quest to make .net good again instead of looking like a fucking cleanup crew that sweeps the mistakes under the body of the playercount.

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>be  Durango

>light 5 blunts and bongs simultaneously

>drop lighter onto keyboard

>notice thread

>notice paragraphs

>notice pilotfish 

>panic, must protect precious brain cells 

>lock thread to prevent spread of autism 

>don't bother to warn people the next time they stir shit I'll just forum ban them

>"durangos so meen!!!" 


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