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[Colonial News] Monthly Updates of all things Colonial

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A large scale industrial digger found on Rhohan as well as a plethora of other planets.


Miners on the world of Rhohan, known for its production of the Morita rifle and for allowing its civilians to carry firearms without service, have struck a large vein of iron while expanding their existing mining systems. While expectations are that the vein will only last a short period of time before it is mined out, there were small celebrations held within the Morita Arms Company, whose stock rose when the vein was announced.


Following this, Micah Travis, Governor of Rhohan, has announced a surge in production of Moritas to equip new recruits of the Mobine Infantry ahead of the implementation of the new Sky Marshall’s plan.





An artist's interpretation of how the new renovations of Høy will look like.

Scarvis has announced a large scale public work and mining initiative around their declining infrastructure and drying out mines as well as various tax cuts towards the loca industry. After announcing that the colony had been in trade deals with Tango Urilla to deliver them a large scale water deal in exchange for the Urillan’s resources, the governor Frederick Love announced that the same resources would be invested in improving the colony.


As such, at the opening of the new Parliament building in Høy; a massive skyscraper reinforced against the planets climate, he announced further reinforcement of the many gårds on the planet, stating a deal had been made for Arachnid fortifications to be built in exchange for mining rights to underneath their settlements.



The renovations of the colony are expected to raise the output of the main exports; Titanium and iron to higher limits.


Tango Urilla




The books the hit series is based off of.



Rosemarie Kennedy is a well known politician on Tango Urilla. A staunch member of the colonial party, she is not the first pick from a standard citizen over being an actress. Despite that, she has had a whirlwind of fame reach her thanks to her role in the live action Android Sage series.  In an exclusive interview with Urillan news, she went into great depth about her role and how her prior service as a Fleet Admiral has served her. Kennedy went on to say that working with Aurora Productions was “A dream come true.” and “Something she had always dreamed of”.


The first movie of the quadrilogy series comes out September 14th with a star studded cast. It is based off of an early 21st century series recently restored. It is filmed near entirely on Tango Urilla, which has lead to some members of the crews being harmed by the Arachnid presence. The 683rd Moritas of the local militia was tasked with protecting the crew.





A Wild Possuat on Novoid.


Local Scientists on Ulm have finally decided that the local animal life of the Possuat, found on the neighbouring planet of Novoid, is edible for human beings without any side effects and can be domesticable. This is confirmation of what many have already claimed and shows why the Possuat is one of the most popular pets on Ulm which until recently have been rounded up and destroyed under existing laws against having pets.


In view of this announcement, the Governor, William Heidenstam has called an announcement a new licensing system. An individual of the colony, civilian or citizen alike, can request a lifelong pet licence costing £100 Federal pounds. With this one time cost, the colonist has a permanent pass to have a pet, with Possuats being the main port of choice due to their exotic nature. This has also fueled the economy, with legalized veterinarians, pet stores and exotic restaurants popping up in the lower sections of the major centres.







Simeon Hilton, a fanatic seditionist & lower level politician of Pallas, has been hung after being judged guilty of treason & sedition. This was done on the same day as a new museum based around the troubles, Frank Landon and the declassified information on how he was eventually brought to justice. This museum is expected to bring thousands in to the capital of Athena and boost the local economy.


This museum is part of a significant overhaul of the colonies buildings to try and encourage more tourism to the planet as well as various other initiatives aimed towards renovating the water maintenance systems to rid of the significant leakage from old pipes. On top of this, new filtration systems were added to the outskirts of Athena to enable more water to be took in without contamination.





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Castus & Ulm.



An artist's representation of what a prospective space colony may look like for Bernard's Star.


The Federal Council has authorized the creation of a new wave of colonies using the displaced population of Earth and prisoners of war from the Civil War. Passing the Council, amongst those offered new colonies are the Governor of Bernard’s Star, Governor Flex Devereaux, known for its primary Colony of Castus, and Governor of TRAPPIST-1, William Heidenstam. While Devereaux has not responded to the decision, Governor Heidenstam has already called it the decision a momentous occasion for the system and has stated “Hundreds of colonists already travel to Novoid. Now they may live there in the open air without fear of radiation.”

Novoid has already made Colonial news recently with the Possuat’s new classification. The planet is a water world with 5% of its total mass being water. Designs already in the works for a Colony are a mix of using the existing landmass and large-scale floating complexes designed to survive any surface waves, and to increase productivity and decreased costs.


For Bernard’s Star, due to a lack of habitable planets, it is expected that any new colony would be a secondary station outside of the ownership of the Castus Corporation. What the name of a would-be station though is unknown, though the Corporation has come to the forefront recently as playing a major part in the civil war and becoming a large element of the Coalition in the fight against the Rebellious & Traitorous elements of Sanctuary.






Video Feed of a boarding maneuver performed by the Grey Court against a Federal Destroyer.


The AFC-TC4378, a transport heading from Cassandra to Scarvis carrying consumer goods such as medicines, has been raided by the pirate Faction known as The Grey Court. Boarding and abducting the ship, the contents of the Transport was stolen with it, with only two managing to be found in a lifeboat by first responders, though the pair later died of their injuries.

The Grey Court is usually found scavenging off the hulks of destroyed ships. Having grown significantly in power with the end of the civil war and the destruction it brought, the once mercenary band used by unsanctioned colonies has now turned to piracy in the misguided belief that it can challenge the Federation. Their numbers are currently unknown due to a lack of information on the group, though they've been disavowed by The Trio, whom the Former mercenary bands originally formed within. There was some talk from the escapees about attempts for recruitment, however these reports have been disavowed by the crew which collected them, and the Federal forces in the area, whom referred to them as "Raiding savages from some bygone age".


Tango Urilla





Tango Urilla has officially started a petition for Federal assistance in purging the bug menace from its planet. While always been a nuisance since it was originally taken as part of the Klendathu campaign, the colony with its existing forces has only managed to wipe out new hives it finds, as opposed to a full scale cleansing. Akin to Patching holes in a slowly sinking ship, with this petition it requests the aid of federal units and intelligence to determine the origin of the new holes and the elimination of the threat. Coupled with this it offers a prospective attempt to capture any leadership castes on the planet which the Governor believes controls the actions of the bugs on the planet.

While the petition has been recognized by the Federal Council, this is only the first of many steps which must be performed before any boots on the ground actually arrive. However, the Federation is likely to recognize that Tango Urilla recently had a surge of recruits after a Governor announced this, raising some 40,000 members into Federal Service. Whether this will lead to the acceptance of this Petition is not yet certain.





A terrorist cell, believed to possibly be related to the Grey Court due to the timing of the cell’s attack with the attack on AFC-TC4378 has been discovered and eliminated before it planned a serious attack on Cassandra, Federal Intelligence say. Though the Grey Court have not claimed the attack, Intelligence state that significant levels of planning had gone into the attack, which involved a dirty bomb being manufactured in Cassandra City to be detonated in merely two weeks time. The cell was taken out in a concerted effort of local forces and the Office of Special Warfare.

The head of the cell, A space-born individual called Jago Anthony was captured alive and is to be executed at some point in the next twenty four hours. The other members of the six man group were all killed in the raid, and investigations are ongoing as to how the group got the materials, especially the fissile elements needed, without being detected.






The colony of Karrus, already in the midst of a shortage due to the explosive growth rate of the colony had a close scare when the supply ship AFC-TC2105 crashed in a mountain range on the planet. Suffering significant atmospheric thruster failures, it crashed after a mere thirty minutes of travel time, having at no point broken through the atmosphere to lower orbit. A probe is being done by the local space port as to why there was such a failure and if malicious acts were behind it.

Of the crash, both its supplies and crew were disgorged as the ship disemboweled itself on a mountain peak, which has since been downgraded in size by some ten metres. Of the six hundred crew, eighty five were killed with approximately two kilometers of debris between the crash site and the furthest away elements. For the supplies, they miraculously survived with minor losses, with many being within the wreckage or within less than half a kilometer of said site. It is believed that the harnesses holding them in prevented most of the damage.



Operation Salvation

This information has been covered Elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here.



This information has been covered Elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here.

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Tensions in the outer colonies of Ulm & Novoid are rising after confrontations between a minority religion on Ulm & officials on the planet of Novoid.

Senior members of a religious group, officially declared as a cult, on Ulm are calling on Novoid officials to offer more tithes to the older colony and to align themselves with the cultural norms of the system.

These views are shared by many on the older colony, on which members of this cult can receive local celebrity status. With the larger population being forced to live in domes and underground much like other colonies such as Hesperus, a secondary colony a mere 650,955 miles away, less than 3 times the distance between Terra and Luna, being capable of surviving on the surface without significant protections has caused a significant culture clash, similar to the divide between Hesperus & Hod, one of the oldest examples of a rivalry between neighboring colonies.


A picture taken of Harald Murphy, a former Infantryman of the 812th, in full Brotherhood attire.


In response to the growing contentions, the Governor has tried to calm the Brotherhood of Convergence by showcasing the benefits of Novoid’s existence, though the leader of the Cult, a Harald Murphy, has denounced the calls as propaganda and ignoring the suffering of Ulm and its colonists .





On Iskander, the acting Capital of the Federation until the reconstruction of Earth finishes, has seen its visitors skyrocket with the beginning of the Holiday season & New Years Eve.

An estimated 60 Million are expected to flood the colony in a significant boost to the economy.

Being the largest colony in the Federation and with its proximity to Earth, it is of little doubt as to why the destination is so popular. This is coupled with the fact that the crime rate on the colony is the lowest in the Federation. This has made the planet a perfect destination for revelers.


However, with such an influx of people the police force, only behind Zegema Beach in amount of active forces, is expected to be out in force to ensure that Virgil’s Point continues to be the perfect city for people to get a break in and does not suffer any of the unrest other colonies are suffering from.



The New Year Displays of Karrus & Iskander are rivals to those that were held on Earth and Mars, before the fall of the Sol System.


The celebrations for the New Year display, expected to cost around ten million Federal Pounds and to involve both local ground forces and the AFC-BC789 ‘Li Jing’ with Sky Marshal Ortiz herself starting the proceedings.





An outpost on the planet of Scarvis was wiped out this week. When news of this was uncovered, the valiant Mobile Infantry immediately counter attacked against the local Arachnids and would recover the survivors and simultaneously wipe out the local hive.



Arachnids on Scarvis are isolated in the desert areas of the colony, giving Infantry a chance to see bugs on the field.


The Infantry involved, the 112th Battalion Company A under Lieutenant Vickers, are part of the 6th Fleet, one of the Fourteen Fleets and was directly involved First Battle of Klendathu, Battle of Planet P & Various Operations across the years. The Battalion is headed up by Brigadier General Larsen whom was instrumental in the Defense of Terra and the aftermath of Operation Omega.


For the outpost, it is unknown as to why the Outpost fell with it having been reinforced and the local area having already had a search and destroy for any Arachnids in the area barely two weeks prior, however it has caused unease in some local members of the FFRL, who believe there may be more than meets the eye. Because of this, additional reinforcements have been sent to the area, with some researchers going with survey equipment to get an updated layout to the area. With present sensors putting the Arachnids exclusively in the large desert of Scarvis, it would be a significant threat if they were to escape beyond this zone for the 53,000 people of the colony.



Unrest in the Colonies



Unrest is brewing across the Federation. As attacks on the Outer Colonies by Pirates and Arachnids increase, even the once thought protected colonies have been shaken with Cassandra nearly having a Nuclear device wipe it off Federal Maps, and Hod being invaded by the Progenitors after they had managed to plough through arguably  the most defended system in the galaxy.



A Pair of Pallas Mobile Infantry guarding a popular event from rioting going on elsewhere in the City.


While the prevailing belief is that Humanity should stand together after the near annihilation of the Human Race, there are those that believe that the Federation in its current form is not able to survive. With rioteers calling the government Bloated and too centralized, this has allowed firebrand politicians to start taking up governance as more is taken from colonies to fund the recovery of the Sol system.


Epitomized by this is head of Arcadia’s Isolationist Party Alex Gonzale who has declared that if he gets Governorship he will stop paying tithes to the Federation unless there is reform. While the most vocal, political insiders across various colonies have spoken of similar sentiments in Government, with some political analyzers anticipating some colonies may try to secede or otherwise politically move away from the Federation to placate or tap into the newfound political support.



Federal Council



Today the Federal Council has convened and passed two new acts. The First of them, the Stability Act, was created in response to priorly reported Unrest. In an attempt to placate the outcry over claims Outer colonies are not defended, Sky Marshal Ortiz with the backing of the Prime Councillor & the majority of the council, has authorized that colonies may expand their planetary defense forces out of their own pocket instead of Federal Subsidiaries.



The Federal Council, now temporarily located on Iskander.


A stipulation of this new act however is that the Planetary defense force cannot exceed 1/10th of the population, with excess being considered a tithe towards the Federation to make into further units to deploy in the many fronts across the stars.


The second act pushed through, which had more contention and where a majority was barely achieved, is the Stockpiling Act. As part of this, supplies and tithes from colonies were significantly increased as to enable the rebuilding of the fourteen Fleets, Sol & the expansion of the Federation as a whole. An amendment made to this is that Colonies would be able to access the stockpiles in the form of loans.


If this act is to be for an unlimited duration or to be repealed at a later date is unknown, however some of the members of the council under the proverbial Colonial faction have raised that it could lead to further instability and that there is not enough resources currently being produced to support these tithes.



This information has been covered elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here.


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