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Jun Nagase

Recon Sim Course Scoreboard

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When the Weapons Division was a thing, a Trooper was required to pass a recon sim exam in order to qualify for the Recon Branch. This was Recon Exam Sim A.

If they fail, or manage to impress enough to trial for sniper exams, they moved on to do Recon Exam B. Similar to A, but under slightly different conditions.

With the Weapons Division being gone, this sim is now being opened up to any and all troopers who would like to try it, and their scores will be posted on the official scoreboard below.


Ask for Gunnery Sergeant Graham if you wish to conduct either of the Recon Sims to see if you can beat your fellow Troopers. 

They usually take around 15-20 minutes depending on the Trooper and are completely standardized so every Trooper gets the exact same scenario, for fairness.


Recon Sim Alpha

Duration: ~15-20min


Old Point Systems



Point System A (outdated)

Elizabeth Taylor - 78 Points

Eric McDowly - 44 Points

William Beans - 70 Points

Chang-hoon Eugeum - 68 Points


Point System B (outdated)

Chang-hoon Eugeum - 70 Points

Valerie Faust - 74 Points

Renee Veil - 72 Points

Charlotte A.F. Wittman - 66 Points

Daniel Lutrell - 70 Points

Mikhail Kuznetsov - 76 Points

Ryan T. Lane - 50 Points

Alexander Tschenkowitsch - 64 Points

Gary Johnson - 46 Points

Claire Øyvind - 78 Points

Oliver Graham - 68 Points



Point System C (current)

Oliver Graham - 71 Points

Thomas Constantinos - 68 Points

Niko Radkjovic - 70 Points

Bailey O'Sven - 76 Points

Maxine Valentine - 84 Points

Patrick Stevenson - 80 Points

Sarah Redbrick - 58 Points



Recon Sim Bravo

Duration: ~20-25min


Valerie Faust - 66 Points +10 Points

William Beans - Sniper Exam - 92 Points +8 Points

Ryan T. Lane - 100 Points +2 Points

Alex Parker - Sniper Exam - 100 Points + 8 Points






Post on this thread if your score has not been listed.


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