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Face Claim:



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Theme Song:



Basic Information:



Name: Jee-un Choi (Jee-un meaning the grace of earth, Choi meaning peak)

Aliases: Han-eul Lee (Given to her by her father)(Han-eul meaning "sky" or "to spread your dreams high like the sky", Lee meaning "Different")
Age: 22 (Korean Age) / 20 (Biological)
D.O.B: 7th October
Gender: Female
Affiliation: Federation
Role: Fleet Officer: Weapons [Head of Station]

Marital Status: In relationship

IQ: 137

Nationality: Korean

Height5ft 6'

Weight: 110lbs


Mother: Alive  - Choi never had a great relationship with her Mother, she had never approved of Choi's decisions in life, such as moving to Seoul and joining the MI.
Father: Alive - Choi's Father however was always supportive of her, saying she will always be destined for greatness
Sister: Alive - Choi doesn't like her Sister very much, she was a bit of a brat and was quite annoying to Choi.
Brother: Deceased - Choi's Brother was perhaps the most important person in her life, her Brother would always protect Choi when she couldn't protect herself and Choi always wanted to be like her big brother, he and joined the MI and died in action, so Choi joined after in order to honour her Brother's spirit.
Adopted Brother: Alive - Choi never managed to bond with her brother, but they had a good relationship anyhow.

Birthplace: Taegu Jikhalsi, Korea
Alignment: Neutral Neutral
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green

Skin Color: Slightly Yellow

Rank: Fleet Lieutenant

Status: Active



Mental State:



      Broken Mind - █████-█████-█████ - Mentally Stable


Overall Appearance:



She has a round face, most definitely Asian, she wears her hair short, alternating between a bob and a loose messy knot at the back, she often wears her piercings when senior soldiers aren't looking, which include: ear lobes, snake bites and nose. She wears black glasses with thick rims to aid her vision and generally wears a cute smile.







 Born into a Rural Village known as Taegu-Jikhalsi in the mountains of South Korea, no one expected much of Jee-un Choi, born to some average farmers, everyone assumed she would just work on the farm for the rest of her life.For the first few years of her life she was in basic education, nothing special, yet she still displayed a natural aptitude for maths and the sciences, after everyone in the village learned of this could be genius, they sent her off at age 14 to travel Korea in hopes of reaching Seoul and joining their elite ranks of the highest achieving students in the world. On her travels she would see many places, from the seaside city of Busan to the City of Flowers known as Ilsan, but eventually after a few months she eventually arrived in the technology capital of the world, Seoul. While in Seoul she took the preliminary tests to get into Seoul's most prestigious Academy where she would continue to have a successful academic career as one of Korea's, and The World's smartest and highest achieving students


Although Choi's personal life was never quite as good, since she grew up in a rural village, the city people immediately disliked her from the start, causing her to feel unwanted, but after a while, she eventually managed to make friends with some amazing people, and for a short while was in a relationship with another girl until she had to move to another academy. She had a good time with her friends, but that wouldn't last for long. Due to Korea's reputation as the country with one of the highest suicide rates, it was inevitable that Choi would lose someone or herself, a few of her friends committed suicide, deep down she had felt responsible for them, feeling that if she tried harder she could've saved them. She has never been able to lose this emotional baggage, yet it doesn't seem to affect her, putting on a strong face at all times to show she was strong, to make her friend's spirits proud. After Choi has lost everybody and graduated from the Academy, she moved back to her home-village, she never told anybody what she went through, instead only telling her parents of the good times and with the money Choi had saved up, she offered her parents a chance to move to a colony, giving them a better life than in their small village. They accepted although Choi would not be joining them, instead Choi would join the Mobile Infantry on the Ulysses Grant to follow in her Brother's footsteps to honour his family. Even though her parents did not approve they would not stop her.


For a while, Choi enjoyed the MI, she had friends she was determined to keep, including Iris Blanka and Alysia Harper, but one day during a drop, Choi would get into a bad position, she was clipped with a plasma explosion, the heat burned a large portion of her left side and the force from the explosion broke the skin and disrupted her internal organs, She would lose her left kidney, end up with a biografted stomach and a damaged reproductive system. This served as a grim reminder for Choi that this was just not the place for her, she was better at thinking, not fighting. And due to her previous aptitude in Maths and Science, she decided that she would attempt to transfer to fleet, opting for a position in the Weapons department in the Bridge Crew.




Physicality and Personality:






Burn wound (Large) - Left side of body

Internal Organ Damage - Resolved

Missing Left Kidney

Bio-Grafted Portion of Stomach

Damaged Reproductive System


Strength: 2/20
Dexterity: 7/20
Constitution: 6/20
Intelligence: 14/20
Wisdom: 14/20
Charisma: 17/20

Personality Traits:



Base Personality: Eccentric, Relaxed, Sarcastic, Playful

Bad Habits: Lies down a lot, Gets way too personal with people, Experiences random uncontrollable breakdowns

Interests: Her own imagination, Anything that ties back to Korea, Music in her language.

Likes: Rice Cakes, Company, Wine.

Dislikes: People who take her seriously, Beer.

Skills: Can play the piano, good at following orders, quick thinking and efficient at processing logic puzzles.







Stole from McMann


-  Loved  -  Friend  -  Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked - Hated -


(#'d Left-to-Right)

1. Thoughts of you professionally

2. Thoughts of you in general

3. Relationship Status

4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive)

5. Do you have a personal use to Choi? (Yes, No)



Temporary (If you would like to be updated to new format please comment)


Never No Maybe - Neutral - Yes - Very Absolutely Forever -




(Colour represents each individual feeling)
| Liked Generally - Liked Professionally - Liked Romantically |
| Want to know better - Want to avoid - Want to see more | 
| Thought of as friend - Thought of as enemy - Thought of as romantic partner |


 † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred



Romantic Partner(s)





Ashley Weiss

"She started out as a friend who I'd cuddle with from time to time, but now after a few dates and a lot of talking and feeling for eachother. I am now in a commited relationship for the first time and it's with Weiss. It feels amazing to only be with one person who you truly care about and I hope it will last for a long time."








Iris Blanka ®

Choi sees Blanka as almost her best friend, she remains close to her while off-duty, often laying on her head on Blanka's Shoulder and fetching food for them when they're hungry, They also have developed nicknames for eachother, Blanka being "Psycho" and Choi being "Cosmic Brownie", although Choi fears the Psychic thing is putting a lot of strain on Blanka.

"My first friend and who will always be my best friend, though I haven't seen much of her recently and I'm scared that something may be happening to her that I don't know about"

"Are you avoiding me or something?"





Amanda Whitfield

"New Helmsman, she's pretty decent for an Officer Cadet, I feel kinda bad for making her do extra chores in my effort to cock-block Freeman but she seems okay with it."

"Now a really good friend of mine, we hang around a bit now and I feel comfortable around her."



Jessica Read

Choi adores Jess, she was recently sent as her psychiatrist after she opted for counselling and so far is doing a wonderful job, but Choi thinks she is developing feelings for Jess, as her light hearted, innocent and bubbly personality set something off in Choi, being the only person to be able to cheer her up.

Choi and Jess quickly became best friends after they shared a long time together in their little secret area, they spent a long time cuddling and ended up sharing a bed. Choi feels really close to her now and loves being close to her.

"I have feelings for her but I don't think she has feelings for me... I'll just try to stay close with her for now, maybe things will work out in the end."

"I'm sorry Jess."

"We talked things out and I think I'm over her now, she can go back to being my 'Personal Counsellor'"


Cait Donovan

In Choi's eyes Donovan is pretty cool, she has piercings as well, though is a lot less secretive about them, and they often share a few drinks in the bar having a friendly relationship, although Donovan can be a bit of a show off sometimes, especially towards Superiors.



Alysia Harper

Over time Choi had became great friends with Harper, they often shared drinks in the bar and Choi was there for her, They were by each others side a lot of the time and held a close bond.

"My senior officer in the weapons department and a good friend of mine, I hope our personal relation wont get interfered with by our professional situation."


David Saiphan 

Saiphan had been friendly to Choi aboard the Grant, as a fellow Asian they bonded well, after Choi had been discharged from the medbay for injuries, Saiphan helped her out by talking to her and reassuring her.


Maria Irwin

"The new ship crewman and designated chef, bartender and cleaner. She seems like a decent girl if a little brash sometimes"

"I hope she doesn't dislike me for what she found in the barracks."



Jamie Sanderson

"Was there to help me get over some stuff in a special way, I like his company and he supports me pretty well in my personal feelings."



Leana Wells

"Decent girl, we're pretty tight now I guess, we just chill out and stuff."


Artyom Kholvok ®

"Big russian dude who hangs out at the bar, we seem to have connected over the act of cock-blocking Freeman. He seems like a good man."



Dorian Elswood

"So we've been dating for a short while and he's super sweet and everything, but I'm worried he isn't interested in me as he's seeing another girl as well."

"I don't know how to feel about you anymore, One part of me wants to stay with you while the other doesn't want to see you anymore."





Reo Ito

Reo Ito is a person Choi had only met once during a deployment yet she saw that even though he was only a Private First Class that he had great leadership skills and knew what to do in a turn of events when Choi had a near miss with a plasma explosion and suffered a horrific burn wound and Reo carried her


Choi had only met Tyberos a few times and she can't quite put a finger on him, she naturally mistrusts psychics due to her own beliefs and hasn't seen him at work yet so she is quite neutral about her feelings towards him, he seems like a cool guy though.

to safety.



Troy Hughes

Hughes is in a weird place for Choi, he did cheat on Harper, This caused Choi to hate Hughes for a while, Choi is slowly starting to trust him more but can't help but feel mixed about him.



Maxine Valentine

Valentine seems like a decent girl to Choi, she does her job well and has a lot of respect for her. Overall Choi is neutral to her, sometimes seeing Max in the bar and having a few words but nothing special.



Sebestian Bently

"He slapped me in the face and called me a cunt."

"Okay does he just hate me or something, getting someone to punch me in the stomach isn't that nice."


Sarah Redbrick

"Decent girl, pretty funny. Don't know much about her though. See her in the bar a lot, often bar-tending or making crude jokes."

"Refers to me as a "Lawn mower", I'm not sure completely what this means but I get the idea... I think."



Patrick Stevenson

"Some guy who shows up to the bar, I like to make some lewd jokes here and there around him but I think he gets a little serious about it. Guy needs to lighten up a bit."




Lydia Schmidt Valentine

"An old fleet member who's new to this ship, she seems decent and not too bad but I don't know much about her and not enough to consider her a friend."










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Forgot me you fuck (It's Gray mofos)

9 minutes ago, Heresiarch Grimm said:







Pretty sure that's everyone in the bar.


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- Backstory rewritten and redone

- Everything added into Drop Downs for easier location

- Kin Updated

- Mental State Added

- Everything Categorised better

- Story of her attempted suicide added


- People added:

Harper (Updated) @Mannulus

Vega @Coleision

Saiphan @saiphun987




Tyberos @Heresiarch Grimm


People that needed to be added (Through Request)

- Vito

- Knoxx


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