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Overview of Fleet assets - heavy WIP

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Transport & Fighter craft


DR-4 'Viking' Landing Boats




The heavily armored Vikings are the primary craft for delivering MI troopers from orbit to the drop zone. The standard crew requires two pilots and is able to deliver a full platoon of MI plus their equipment and supplies to a planet's surface. They can withstand a lot of punishment with the exception of a plasma blast, though they sacrifice their speed for robustness. Pilots must exercise extreme caution when leaving the planet in a combat zone, as the low climbing speed will make them a perfect target for the enemy. The Vikings are armed with dual Brunham MW-5050 autocannons mounted on either side of the cockpit, with additional autocannons mounted on the sides of wings, and flare launchers found ontop of its chassis.


DR-8 'Skyhook' Retrieval Boats




The Skyhook is a lighter and faster dropship primarily used for extracting MI troops from the planet, as its armor will only withstand light weapons fire. While commonly found to be used in their troop transport capacity, Skyhooks are also used to ferry small supply drops to and from the planet, aswell as retrieving critically wounded personnel from combat areas and transporting them to more secure medical facilities in the orbit or behind the friendly lines. Many decomissioned Skyhooks have found their new purpose within civillian corporations, acting as personal shuttles for the wealthy or high ranking officials, or used by the police, medical, rescue and other public services. The Skyhooks are armed with a single Brunham MW-5050 autocannon mounted below the cockpit. 


F-76 'Thunderbolt' TAC Fighter



The standard SICON Tactical Aerospace Control fighter is a craft that serves two purposes: achieving air superiority and providing support for ground units. They're designed for operations in atmosphere, though they can be used in space combat for a limited time if necessary. Armed with an internal rotary autocannon, the Thunderbolt can be fitted with a wide range of bombs and missiles avaliable to the Fleet. Its versatility makes the Thunderbolt a favourite craft for most Fleet pilots. 



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Capital Ships





The Dreadnought is a vessel made with one goal in mind: Complete and undeniable supremacy over any space, against any foe. Manned by 360 crew members, these behemoths are truly a force to be reckoned with. Their primary armaments are heavy rail cannon batteries and heavy nuclear torpedos, although they are also fitted with Burgundy missile tubes and self defense helicals. The extravagant cost of building and maintaining these vessels on an extended voyage means that the Federation only ever has a handful of them at any given time. As such, they are often held in reserve, defending critical planets and installations or at the head of a massive battlefleet during an organized operation or campaign. Typically named after mythical Gods or locations. 


Designation: Terran Federation Dreadnought

Crew: 360






Battle Cruiser



A new type of starship designed after the disastrous First Battle of Klendathu, the Battle Cruiser is essentially an updated version of the Corvette, although with more emphasis on space borne supremacy. These vessels are far more expensive to maintain and deploy than the Corvette, so they are typically used as an armored fist during the opening stages of an invasion, punching a hole through enemy defenses with their powerful MAC cannons and Burgundy missiles and deploying the first waves of Mobile Infantry before the primary invasion force of Corvettes arrive. Typically named after war heroes or battles.


Designation: Terran Federation Battle Cruiser

Crew: 250


AFC BC- Elmer Bigelow

AFC BC- Athena

AFC BC- Audie Murphy






The most common and recognizable of all starships in the Federation's arsenal, the Corvette is the pinnacle of the Federation's combat doctrine. Simultaneously fulfilling the roles of a space supremacy platform, a troop transport and an aircraft carrier, these nimble vessels form the brunt of any invasion force. Aside from it's crew of Fleet personnel, the Corvette carries a wing of TAC fighters and a single platoon of Mobile Infantry. Typically named for generals or famous battles.


Designation: Terran Federation Corvette Transport

Crew: 218


TFCT- Rodger Young

TFCT- George Patton

TFCT- Alexander





Although a frigate is smaller than a Corvette, it should not be mistaken as being less capable than one. Frigates shirk the troop carrying capability of the larger class vessels in favor of powerful weapons and unrivaled maneuverability. More powerful in ship to ship battle than a Corvette and much cheaper to produce and maintain, these vessels are the go-to choice for space supremacy needs and anti-piracy operations. In addition, the highly modular nature of these vessels allow them to be modified in a matter of days to fit niche roles, such as dedicated picket vessels, Electronic Warfare or communication vessels.


Designation: Terran Federation Frigate

Crew: 162



TFF- Indomitable

TFF- Hammer



Recon Cruisers



A small and rare vessel, the Recon Cruiser is a pre-Bug War design that was primarily used for scouting out potentially dangerous planets and locations. An ultra-light cruiser, it carried only a single squad of Mobile Infantry and one shuttle. It was however fitted with advanced communications and survey equipment as well as probes. Notable for being the first human vessel to make contact with the Arachnids. Mostly decommissioned, these vessels are now only used for auxiliary needs and training purposes.  Named for Spanish Conquistadors. 


Designation: Terran Federation Recon Cruiser 

Crew: 40+


AFC RC-Cortez

AFC RC-Pizarro 


Heavy Transports



An army can only march as far as its supply lines carry and the same could be said for a Fleet. Fortunately, SICON provides for this with it's use of Heavy Transports. These frigate sized vessels are the supply caravan that keeps the fleet ticking. Fast and nimble, these vessels play a supporting role in nearly any fleet action. In addition, they are very modular and can be outfitted in less than 24 hours to fill a variety of roles, such as an aircraft carrier, landing ship, fire support ship or Corvette tender. 


Designation: Terran Federation Heavy Transport

Crew: 90+


TFHT- Marie Curie

TFHT- Bollinger




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