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Hesperus Tribune

Water-Filtration-and-Conservation-Act of 2298

First of September, 2298. The Government of Alpha-Centauri around Governor Ramsey have passed a bill to preserve and conserve water on Hesperus. The people of Hesperus shall be encouraged to decrease their water consumption by raising the average price per liter (taxes). Surplus money will be used to finance the new water filtration plant which makes use of the rocky properties of Hesperus. Used water will run through pipelines into a rocky deep basin filled with super-algae already employed on Starships to filtrate water. The water will be monitored for a while and is declared not drinkable, but it is definitely cleared for basic needs such as cooking, cleaning or personal hygiene. It is expected that these measures will significantly cut down required water imports. Should the experiment be deemed a success and the facilities be expanded, Hesperus might become independant from the galactic water exchange.


Business Incentives Act of 2298

First of September, 2298. Government speaker A. Lloyd has announced the Business Incentives Act. In order to incentivize major companies to settle on Hesperus, franchises that have openings for 300 or more people (regardless of those people being natives of Hesperus or not) will have a major tax return by the end of the year. It is expected that a headquarter of a major company could net a -50% tax decrease. Brunham, Voight & Gromann and Wyman Arms have been inofficially invited. Insider sources claim that officials with Voight & Gromann are investigating the conditions.


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Hesperus City Stock Exchange opening

Today, representatives of the Stratton Investment Group have opened the Hesperus City Stock Exchange (HCSE) to the civilians and citizens of Hesperus. Mainly featured are local companies of Hesperus such as The Hesperus Mining Association or the Hesperan Starship Manufactury. Also listed are the stocks of major companies such as The Morita Arms Corporation, FedCom, ECCO or the Castian Corporation. The price of orders depends on the bid or the amount of stocks purchased so that purchasing major amounts of shares of a company is more expensive than purchasing small amounts of smaller corporations. Orders are taxed and will go directly to the Government of Hesperus.

Good gambling!

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