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MI Town Hall Topics

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1. Communication. 

Optic/Medic aren't informed on everything or one knows things and the other doesn't. Communication going up to COs is messy. Communication going down is also messy and needs working on. Communication is the main focus in the following weeks, transparency between NCOs and COs are a priority. 

2. Shit being taken from the MI.

Flamethrowers, LRR, M55s and the likes being taken away from Infantrymen. Being a singular Private is boring. Uninteresting and generally not fun for new players. (From the complaints that have been raised to NCOs from new players as well.) 

Infantry are constantly losing things or being given less and less to play with. New SWEPs are being searched for by Optic to give to the MI. 

3. NCOs being cunts to Enlisted
NCOs shooting down ideas or shitting on Enlisted who have ideas or try to suggest things should be reported.

NCOs generally big dicking and treating people below them like shit for no reason should be reported to Superiors so that it can be dealt with. 

4. Reception to criticism
If someone thinks that something is wrong, they should be able to criticize someone/their idea. People should be open to criticism and accepting of ideas from those below them. Like point three, people not doing so should be reported. 

5. More stuff like the Killhouse
Introducing things that are fun and engaging on the ship. Creating fun things on server during down times.

NCOs should be pushing for passive RP opportunities/Allowing fun things to happen.

NCOs should be a role model for the player base/Enlisted, showing them how to act, how to Roleplay and the attitude to have on server on an OOC and IC level. 

6. Relationships/Marriages
Engagements will be allowed. Marriages can only be done on RnRs/off ship. Last names are not to be changed, rings are not to be worn on duty. They can be worn off duty on ship. Professionalism is to be held still. A full post will be made on this later tonight. When Optic isn't a lazy sack of shit and actually writes it up.  (Fuck you, me, I did it. )




The next MI Town Hall meeting will be held next Saturday. 


Anything that happens in the following 7 days that may confuse you or you may not like, write it down somewhere and bring it to the meeting for myself (As MI Lead) and any other Players, Admins and Command staff can come together to look at the issue and brain storm solutions. 

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Recap of last week:

Communication has been getting better, more talking between command and NCOs.


Still in the process of looking for new guns and messing around with what we have to find new potential weapons


No real issues with NCOs being cunts to Enlisted. Had one apparent report of it but the legitimacy of it is uncertain for now. 


No issues with people not accepting criticism, keep it up.


More Passive Opportunities and things like the Kill House have been added, for example, Wells' Breaching training and competition. 


Marriages have been fully implemented, no issues so far. 


Topics covered this week:

Player count is on the rise, new players coming in, new potential NCOs and Enlisted. 

Sergeant count has gone up, more people are being looked into, expect 2 more Sergeants in the next week.

NCOs should be focusing on creating as much on ship activities as possible. For example, Mcrann and Pilotfish working on making a set routine for the MI, offering at least 3 passive events per day. 


Things raised:

NCOs letting Infantry be snarky and shitty towards NCOs or Officers

Example; Recruit calling Lt. Archer an Infidel, no NCOs stepped up to put them back in line, Archer had to sort it herself. 

Repercussions  to people having ranks and not pulling their weight/leading drops or doing anything.

People who are seen with higher ranks and doing nothing with them are going to start being punished. Demotions, black listing and the likes depending on severity. 

Refer new NCOs to the handbook.


Have talks with people after you promote them to be sure they're ready for the rank; see if they have any questions regarding their rank or responsibilities. 

Have Sergeants help out Corporals more often and Corporals helping Lances and so on. Take the responsibility of helping those below you to become a better NCO. 

Having Faction leads control their subordinates more. 

If an Engineer does something stupid in relation to Engineering, leave Argon or other Engineering command to deal with it. In turn, if MI fuck up on Infantry things, Faction leaders are to report the incident to an NCO for them to deal with. No cross faction bullshit. Faction leads should only be disciplining people if it involves them directly or their faction. (I.E York can punch someone if they call him a cunt.)

Inform Faction leads if the people in their faction are being stupid so they can deal with it. 

AKA, let Faction leads ( @Argon @HazyDay @hewhogrillsbears know if their people are fucking up IMMEDIATELY so they can deal with it ASAP)

If you're a Sgt+ and not in the MI Command Steam group, request to be added, PM Optic on server or Steam.

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