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Relationships and Marriages.

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Afternoon, Infantry. 


As the end of the Civil and Progenitor wars are upon us and we are in a newer state of peace, now is probably a good time to look over some policies and change them.


The main one that is being raised here is in regards to Marriages and Engagements. 


Until now, policy was that when two members are Engaged, one is transferred out. 


Going forward, this will be changing. 


Two members of the Infantry are now free to get Engaged and/or Married and stay in the same unit. 


HOWEVER, there are rules attached to this, they are as follows:


  • Surnames are not to be changed. Pvt. Jane Doe can not change her name to match her Husband to avoid confusion in the field. 
  • Wedding/Engagement rings are not to be worn on the field or on duty/During inspections. They may only be worn off duty on board the Grant or during RnRs. 
  • Professionalism is still to be kept on and off duty. Public signs of affection in the form of sexual/extensive physical contact on duty will be heavily punished. This also applies to public spaces on-board the Grant. This excludes the Barracks. (To put it simply, I don't want to be puking up my dinner because you can't keep your hands to yourself while I'm enjoying a drink in the Bar. Get a fucking room.)
  • You are not to perform the act of a Wedding/Ceremony on the ship. They are to be done exclusively during RnRs and again, must be held to the level of professionalism and maturity expected of a member of the Mobile Infantry. (No three day Stag-Do or wild parties that will disrupt or cause issues in the place an RnR is held. Be responsible, don't act like a twat.)
  • No forms of favoritism, bias or hidden agendas are to be held in regards to your partner in the forms of punishments, promotions or priority in safety in the field. Everyone is equal. (Just because one person lets you have extra cuddles in bed, doesn't make them anymore special than another trooper when it comes to saving a life.)
  • Marriages/Relationships should, ideally, be subtle and hard to notice in public. If everyone on the ship knows who you're having sex with, you're doing it wrong. 


Anyone who fails to follow these rules or does anything that a Superior/Officer deems as violating to the general terms will be met with the immediate transfer of one of the members of the relationship. 


Anyone with questions or concerns regarding this, come to me personally whether it be at my Office or over PDA. 



Captain S. Bently.

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