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Tiago Sousa

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"Ai, where the fuck we goin' mang?" -Sousa during Basic, 2298

Basic Information


Name: Tiago Juan Sousa

Place of Birth: Anchorage, Terra

Date of Birth: May 25th

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"



Physical Description:


Weight: 195 lbs

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Green



Military Information


Rank: Private

Branch: Mobile Infantry

Date of Enlistment: 05/25/2298

Years of Service: .5

Service Record: Enlisted at Recruiting Station UCF-SS 336 "Gerald Ford", 6 months training on Iskander, assigned to the 112th Infantry, Alpha Company, Alpha Platoon



Personal Information


Backstory: Born in Anchorage during an off-season period to a working-class travelling family, Tiago admired and respected his parents. Being the child of spacers, in a large family, Tiago was raised a lot by his Grandmother in Anchorage while his parents were away. He attended schooling there with his siblings, being educated formally until grade 10, where he would work a contract out with a large trading company that would now be known as a piece of the Colonial Confederation, his family's then employer. However, his Grandmother insisted upon speaking Portugese, the language of her grandfather, in her household. Allowing Tiago to adopt many South American niches. He would accompany his Father, Mother and older siblings in the work field as a laborer disassembling and retrofitting old starships. Still being new, he was not allowed to tackle some of the bigger or more skilled tasks that his siblings, who had long been certified in certain skillsets could. Often receiving the "grunt" work, Tiago became increasingly frustrated by his family members. Despite proving his worth to the crew as a hard worker, his circumstances never changed. Things seemed to only worsen as news arrived of his Grandmother's passing. She had been on Terra when it fell, along with three of Tiago's younger siblings. His parents fell into a deep depression. His mother, completely inconsolable. They began to lose contracts. Work dried up. Soon, his Father and brothers anchored at a local station near Hesperus, using their remaining coin to purchase some property to double as a domicile and a hardware repair shop. Fed up with the circumstances set before himself, and of age, Tiago enlisted in Federal Service.

Characteristics: Bull-headed, Brash, Quick to Anger, Compassionate, AMPED

Strengths & Weaknesses: Tiago is often times known to jump the gun, he will often rush into situations with little to no knowledge of the situation. He has a weakness for the female form, and a vice for drinking, drugs, and partying. He is a hardworker, determined and physically capable.

Other Information: brazil sucks


Personal Relationships


Rick Wilmot - Who? I think I might've served with him once or twice.. Nothing really comes to mind, mang.


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