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Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson

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General Theme:



Face Claim:



Combat theme:
(The themes are in an order, each theme represents a mood or current level of seriousness. From the top being the least and the bottom being the most serious. I will add themes as he grows IC) (P.S like one song left)




Name: Jamie Sanderson

Place of Birth: Karrus

Date of BirthApril 5th, 2278

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2"


Physical Description:


Weight: 208.6lb

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Hazel

Body type: Mesomorphic







Military Information


Rank: LCpl (Lance Corporal)


Branch: MI


Date of Enlistment: 5th September 2298


Years of Service: 0 Years 2 Month

Service Record:

Promoted to PVT

Promoted to PFC

Promoted to LCpl.




Personal Information



Father, Graham Sanderson {DEAD, Age: 45}

Mother, Sarah Sanderson {DEAD, Age: 42}

Brother, James Sanderson {Condition Unknown}








Attributes: (1 weak - 10 amazing)

Strength: 9/10

Dexterity: 8/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Constitution: 8/10

Wisdom: 5/10

Charisma: 6/10

General Sanity: 9/10

General Overall Health: 10/10


  Combat Rating:




Jamie grew up in the average household of Karrus. Throughout his years he would gain popularity through his kind-natured self and his ever-lasting loyalty to those he cared for, making sure they were never in harm's way or that they had more than even himself.


Fast forward to when he just turned fourteen, the day...  he would never see his brother ever again. When Jamie's party had finished, he went upstairs to get some rest when he saw his brother packing a duffle bag full of clothing and anything else people who are going on a very long trip will need. He never confronted him, assuming he was planning a long trip out with his friends and going on a long holiday. The thought of something like that made him smile on the inside. However, the next day he woke up to local enforcement knocking on his door, questioning his parents about his brother's disappearance including dates and times of when they last saw him which they both said: "Last night, in his room". This sent Jamie into a small month of sorrow, worried for his brother and his whereabouts, he was however never found after 6 months of searching.


Not long after, Jamie would receive a knock at his door about an incident involving his parents. They had both been killed in a construction "Accident". Jamie was devastated at the news and spiralled into the world of depression, thinking about himself in a negative aspect and how he should have been the one to go instead of them; he was lost. After coming to the harsh realisation that they were gone 4 months after, he picked up all his hobbies and little quirks again. Going to the gym, reading books and so on, however, his grades never really climbed given that they reminded him of his parents and within the months to come he knew he'd have to find somewhere to work. That being the Mobile Infantry.


And with that and little to no hesitation, he applied and signed himself on. Not only at the prospect and gaining citizenship and any other benefits, but because he could now do something to help others.


His story begins...



Loves | Good Friends | Friend | Neutral | Iffy | Hates | Dead (RIP)

(Ask to be added)


Sgt. Patrick Stevenson


The Sarge is a great guy. I respect him greatly and would not mind ever going under his command. He has got his head on straight and knows what's what from what I can tell.  We've had multiple interactions and conversations together and he seems like a great guy under that hard, exterior shell he has. He even has taken to calling me "Son" which is a bit different to the rest but I won't question what goes through the mans mind. And doesn't call me fucking "Dutchess" which is a god send. Overall, I'd lay my life down for the man if I had to. Great guy. ~ Dairy entry of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson.

Cpt. Sebastian Bently


The Capt'n. I am not really sure what to say about the man. I've encountered him before when I had to watch and help him take down his tub in his private quarters, I still feel sorry for him having to lose all the money he sinked into that thing. He was one of the people that gave me the nickname of "Dutchess" which at first I wasn't happy with at all but I'm coming to terms with the fact I have to accept my fate when I do stupid shit. Overall however, I will stand by him and fight by his side till the end. ~ A personal log of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson.

Lcpl. Gray Seraphim


My boy Seraphim. Saved my clumsy ass twice on drops, can't thank him enough for saving me though even if it is apart of what we stand for he could have left me for dead. However, out of work, he seems like a great guy. I've had an interaction or two with him but nothing to make a solid statement upon. Heh, I still own him that fucking cake.. ~ Dairy Entry of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson.


SSpc. Daniel Dumont


Dumont. Well, where do I start? He's a character for one. He's like the annoying brother of the family everyone just gets along with. Heh. The man saved my ass a good few times and knows what is what, including how it's done which I greatly respect him for. Even while being a jokester the man knows when its play time and when its home time, but, overall the man is a great guy. The few interactions I've had with him outside of the professional scene has made me laugh and chuckle as well as look at him with slight doubt about his mental state. However, the man is someone I can trust.. ~ Diary Entry of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson.


GySgt. Maxine "Maxi-Pad" Valentine


The Gunnery Sergeant. Not much to say, few words even. Met her a few times and she seems like a nice gal. She seems to hate everyone in the Mobile Infantry as she has pointed out, but I think that's just because she got picked on because of something to do with a Banana.. ~ Diary Entry of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson.

Lcpl. Samantha Ruse


The Lance is quite the competitive character, first time I truly got to know her was at the kill house, Then it went on from there -- We have both worked together to fix problems on the ship a few times and I've seen her work in the field. She does have quite the mouth to her which I don't mind as long as it ain't gonna get her into too much bother, hate to see that happen. However, outside of the professional field, she is quite a nice girl. I am not sure what to say other than I find her presence. Pleasing, if that doesn't sound at all strange -- It's more fun to be around her than most. She's just a giant goofball of fun. ~ Diary Entry of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson. 


Cpl. Ernest Miller


Miller is a good guy. I've not spent a huge amount of time with the man but enough to know him. He's a good corporal, quite level-headed which was shown when he sorted things out with Ruse and Genrty; I would have shouted. Guess that's something to work on but never the less, he knows what he's doing from what I can tell  -and- he's a solid lad. Out of the seat of safety inside the Grant, he is great on the field, just like the Grant. But, he likes sleeping... Maybe a bit too much... I wouldn't know. He even is gonna talk to Redbrick about getting me on a team building course, heh, I can't ask for a better guy.. ~ Dairy Entry of Pfc. Jamie Sanderson.


WO. Aaron Holtz


Mr Holtz, my arch-nemesis and teacher. Don't get me wrong, the guy's a great person but I see him as more of a teacher to me: As a former Pathfinder he is really good at what he does best; which is teaching. Him and I may not see eye to eye on small things but we respect each other, me, I respect him more. He's great on the field and he knows a thing or two, nobody can ask for something better than a veteran of the federation on the field. Keep that shit up man, I might just say Warrant Officer one day.. ~ Diary Entry of LCpl. Jamie Sanderson.


Pfc. Eric Shepard


Shepard is a cool guy, a bit too Rambo-ey in my own opinion. Man is going to get himself killed one day if he keeps running a bit further forward each time, however, I like his attitude towards killing bugs and whatever else seems to want to take us on a date. Outside of the Rambo-like drop shell he has, the guy's a nice man. Talks about Vagina a.k.a Poon quite a bit. Bet he'll be pissed to hear about Franke.. ~ Diary Entry of LCpl. Jamie Sanderson.


Pvt. Ashley Weiss


Weiss. New girl that has been around for a bit, she's nice company and a laugh at times. Outside of the normal ship shite we get up to, she's not a half bad trooper. She is great at what she does and I can't fault her either, maybe she'll beat me to Corporal or somethin' first. She's like everyone else though that I've met; a good, decent trooper. ~ Diary Entry of LCpl. Jamie Sanderson.

Cpl. Alexander "Lick" Tshenkowwitsch


Lick, the man with a weird ass last name. No offence. He likes to joke and laugh a lot. I like him. ~Diary Entry of LCpl. Jamie Sanderson.


Cpl. Vito Dominiko


I've encountered him on the ground, and I must say he does his job well. Other than that, I've spoken with him a few times around the ship; over beer and so on. Overall, he seems like a nice guy even told me a few things that'll help me. I'll have to talk to him more. ~ Diary Entry of LCpl. Jamie Sanderson.


Sgt. Sarah Redbrick 


She is a great gal, I've not spoken to her as much as Sergeant Stevenson but I respect her. She seems to be like a bundle of fun out of the professionalism these people hold up with all their other standards. Overall I wouldn't mind serving under her, I kinda wanna get to know her more now. ~ Diary Entry of LCpl. Jamie Sanderson.



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4 hours ago, Maple Leaf Moosefucker said:

Danny Dumbnut


3 hours ago, Coleision said:

Add Maxine Valentine boyo


1 hour ago, Marcus said:

Add Sam Ruse my dude


All you lot have been ADDED!!! 


However, I have a strange feeling I spelt Ruses name wrong in some way...

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Let Lick be part of this page.


I'll get to you soon fam..

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20 hours ago, Randynand said:

Eric Shepard



16 hours ago, Ratatouille said:

Asssshley Weiss please!

Be back for you in a few hours. College sucks.


On ‎9‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 8:39 PM, Traitorverpackung said:

Let Lick be part of this page.


After cooolege. Apologies.

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7 minutes ago, Eternal Light said:

Harris if you got enough info on him


19 hours ago, Ratatouille said:

Asssshley Weiss please!


On ‎9‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 8:39 PM, Traitorverpackung said:

Let Lick be part of this page.


I'll get to you all now.


Also, god never forgives.

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