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[IC] New SOP

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A notice pinned up around habitation deck.



Recently we've encountered a new threat. FFRL are cooking over exactly what it is, but in the meantime we've largely been left without answers. I've had people asking me how to deal with the new enemy, and as I've seen firsthand what a lack of education about neons can do, I thought I'd jump ahead of the curve and get some information out now. 


'Necros' (it's the only name I've heard so far) seem to be infected humans with bladed growths. They attack on sight, they are fast, and they can take a burst of .308 without stopping. What's more, because of their size, they can fit into corridors, where bugs can't. So far we've seen a lack of ranged weaponry, though, like bugs, some of them do seem to spit what seems like acid. Once put down, they also go through a kind of rebooting process, which takes a few minutes. After that, there's a high chance they'll just get back up again.


The other risk comes from infection. Some kind of parasite has made these things into what they are. The fully grown parasites look a little like control bugs. Their bite infects immediately, and causes spasms and intense pain. Each of the infected seems to have one of these parasites in them. Initially we thought they grew in the back, but it seems that varies - we haven't found anything in the backs of some of them.


New SOP is as follows:

  • Default ROE for necros is shoot-on-sight - including the 'dead'.
  • A necro body is to be considered an active combatant until it has been disposed of properly.
  • Disposal constitutes any process certain to destroy the parasite inside the corpse. Sustained morita fire, while wasteful, should be effective. Only stop if you're sure you've pulped everything.
  • Any necro bodies within a perimeter must be disposed of before that perimeter is treated as secure.
  • Mass disposal of necro bodies should be done in four steps:
  1. Confirm body death for the immediate future (burst of morita fire).
  2. Drag body to burn-pile.
  3. Use flamethrower, incendiary grenade, or other means to light the burn pile.
  4. Repeat steps 1-2 for additional bodies, ensuring temperature remains sufficient for full burn throughout.
  • Upon infection, immediately apply tourniquet to the bitten limb. Three options follow this. Expect better options as soon as we get the intelligence needed.
  1. If no medical personnel immediately present, amputation of the limb via morita fire may be the fastest and most effective way to deny infection.
  2. If medical personnel immediately present, amputation of the limb may prevent infection (be aware here that the race is against the speed of blood. Seconds, not minutes.)
  3. It may be possible to remove the parasite during or immediately after infection with a combat knife. No-one's tried it yet. Consider it a riskier alternative to amputation for now. 
  • In case that last section didn't clue you in: Don't get bitten


This whole list is subject to change. We're working in the dark right now. Fortunately, it seems even the really big ones don't like morita fire. 




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