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Sunny 'Pele' Breeland

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General Information

Name: Sunny Jo Breeland
Callsign: Pele
Sex: F
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 26 September 2276
Weight: 125
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Nationality: Iskander
Marital Status: Single
Personality:  Friendly, easygoing. 
Quirks: Taps lower lip when thinking. Speaks a bit slowly. 
Father: Lee Breeland - 55 [Alive]
Mother: Maybelle Breeland -54 [Alive]
Brother: Rainy Breeland - 25 [Alive]
Brother: Storm Breeland - 24 [Alive]
Sister: Windy Breeland - 23 [Alive]


Professional Information
Faction: Mobile Infantry
Platoon: 112th
Rank: Master Specialist
Role: Marauder 
Attire : Standard BDU's outside of her Aegis Mark II, her Aegis suit has a decal of the sun with a cheeky smiley face on the left shoulder. 
Prior Occupation: None
Known Languages: Federation Standard
Medals and Awards:
Purple Heart
Education & Training
2294 - Assigned to 301st Battalion
2296 - Chosen for Marauder training
2298 - Reassigned to 112th Battalion as Marauder


Face and Voice Claims






Theme Songs






All are prefixed with the question "Do you know, and what do you think about [ PERSON ]?" 

Ask to be added if we've met ICly


Daniel Dumont "Oh yeah Ah know Dumon'! He kept me on this side of the livin' when the Infantry fergot us on that shithole Necro deployment. Kinda wanna kiss him fer that alone." 


Aaron Holtz "Ah kinda know 'em. He seems like a good enough guy. He's a half decent bartender and carries on good enough conversation." 


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