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[IC] Tactical Challenge

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A notice pinned up by the enlisted barracks.


We were chewing over this problem not too long ago during leadership debrief, and I thought it would be a good start for our MI tactical challenge. The basic idea is that you take a look at a crappy diagram of a bad situation and work out the best way to deal with that situation. This one is defensive: holding a point against necros. It's a real situation, and it was tricky. 


So, a prize for whoever can work out what the command staff agree is the best solution to the problem below. Feel free to think outside the box. Feel free to ask me questions about the real situation. Within a week, come to me with your solution: where to place your team, what orders to give them, and any outside-the-box ideas you have.





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Step 1 Have box specialist Cait build several empty boxes

Step 2 Hide the boxes upstairs behind other empty boxes 

Step 3 hide everyone in the empty boxes hidden behind the empty boxes ahead of them

Step 4 Wait for the hostiles to search the building find nothing and leave

Step 5 Despite the fact that the enemy thinks that the house is clear the house is still actuly under federation control 

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A note with a copy of the diagram pinned in response.


Order them to starts making a barricade around the windows and entry points using various furnitures that was avaliable at that time. Then starts to make a second barricade behind it to gives us more room to fire and act as a cover it also slow the Necros down as well. Riflemen at each Entry points in pairs. The upperstairs also has been barricades acting as a last line.

The Yellow lines are a barricade line. Seperate in two level away from each other. The numbers gives the ideas where Riflemen would be stationed. The medic would float around these barricades. Yellow squad would be holding the North entry points while Red squad would be holding the South entry points in pairs.
The Green line would be the first fall back line where we would have a second barricades holding and slowing down the necros. At the first fall back line. Riflemen would manned the barricade two on each sides while medic would be at the middle.

The Brown line would be the second and final fall back line. All the riflemen manned the second barricade inside near the stairs. The medic would roam around helping and patching up the wounded.

There would be a tactic implemented for them. I call it " FUCKING HOLD THAT SHIT!", " OH SHIT FALL BACK!" and, "FUCKING TAKE THAT SHIT BACK!" tactics. The first is that simple you hold your damn line until you have been told to " OH SHIT FALL BACK!" To the first fall back line. Second the "OH SHIT FALLBACK!" tactics will be issued to every riflemen to fall back to the first fall back line and hold there. If they success they would be issued the third tactic "FUCKING TAKE THAT SHIT BACK!" which is simply  PUSH OUT IN PAIRS AND TAKE THE BARRICADES BACK! KEEP THEM OFF THIS FUCKING PLACE UNTILL THE BACKUP HAS ARRIVED! The tactics would keep circling untill all the lines has been broken. That time all the squad would be ordered to go upstairs and starts holding the necros off.

- Saiphan your fucking professional planner.




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Barricade the stairs after going up them. Put rifles on it. One roaming the top floor.


Funnels are bad. Funnels you can't get through are worse.


- Q. Caffrey

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If this won't hold, only other choice is to nuke the site from orbit. Only way to be sure.


My four riflemen are four clones of Franco, and the medic is Scott with a SAW. You could alternatively push the medic into the reserve position.

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