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[Outer Rim Regular Report!: Crisis on Cerus!]

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The United Citizens Federation's Military Force; The Sixth Fleet Commanded by veteran Fleet Admiral Skye Beringe has mobilized in an effort to assist on the outer rim Colony known as Cerus in the crisis event that four of the planet's recently constructed dams, holding back six different major bodies of water making up almost 86% of the planet.


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These Dams, constructed during the disastrous Civil Wars to combat a possible food shortage after the war, allowed for industrial farmlands to be secured on the mineral rich soil and sediment that now continues being an oceanfloor oncemore, are now under scrutiny by top Federal Architects who are not ruling out Terrorist acts.

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Death tolls are estimated in the thousands, collateral damage worth millions of pound. Do you have what it takes to help? Contact your local recruitment center to enlist and do your part to save lives today!

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