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Unban Appeal

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(All the first letters are bold because I ported this from Google Docs)


I’ve decided to appeal my ban after having finished reading the Starship Troopers. My whole time playing, I’d never read it, but I just completed it today and it’s instantly my favourite book. This being the case, I’ve quite a huge crave to play a SSTRP. 


My name is Fitz, I was banned by Xalphox, my Steam ID is STEAM_0:0:61655859 and my remaining characters are as follows (to the best of my memory):

Haleem bint al-Attar

Cassie Powers


I was banned for four things:

  1. Arguing with an Admin in the middle of an event

  2. Reporting a false opinion on a survey

  3. Leaking the password of the PO server

  4. Disrespecting an Admin


I’ll go through them one by one.


For my first transgression, I argued with Hicks about the punishments that would be given to me if I did not cease to run out of the lines. I was attempting to get my event flashback character PK’d because I thought it would have been an interesting addition to the event, but in hindsight I can see all I was doing was disrupting the event. No matter the argument, the problem was that I did argue, and that was the problem. I’ll not do that again, surely. Feedback is something given after the event has been completed, or it makes the event worse for everyone.


The second offence actually happened before the first I must say, but it was brought up afterwards. It was a survey in which I misread what someone else was telling me to do, even though they told me specifically not to do this thing, I went ahead and did it anyway. I had recommended the faction be taken over by someone who was already leading a separate faction, and upon the person I earlier mentioned pointing this out, I changed my response to match their response, but with even harsher words that I cannot recall, but when not blinded by my own self, I can see they were truly unwarranted given the circumstances.


The third was a mistake. I sent the password of the PO server to the FFRL server for to test the new TAC entities, or more so to test my own abilities, as well as sending it to a few people in private. In hindsight, I see it was a great privilege that I was trusted with the password in the first place, but I thought at the time it was an open thing because it was sent to me. When it was pointed out to me, I realized how stupid I had been. That was a pretty bad feeling, and there is nobody to blame for it but myself.


Fourth, I disrespected an Admin. He asked me why my character had no rank in OOC, I responded because it was an event character, he asked why I was on the event character, I said it was a POW event character, and then he replied “w h y”. I took that to be a jokey question because of the spacing of the letters, and so replied myself with a joke, “Because I feel like it”. I see now that I can be perceived as a rather sassy and disrespectful person, so I can see why one would think that was a completely serious response. I would have myself. It matters not whether I was typing a clarification when I was kicked, not able to finish my response, I should have known that text can’t convey proper emotions, and it sounded a lot different in my head than it would to anyone else. This is what I was permanently banned for, very quickly after it happened. Xalphox was under the impression it was during the middle of an event and had been a similar situation as to my first stunt. It makes sense he banned me, he had told me very strictly that if I acted like a tool for a second time, he would ban me, and he did. It also must be known, he had found of my spreading of the PO password just earlier that very same day, and I was lucky I hadn’t been banned then.


Rule number five of the appealers’ guidelines states this, “Only acts of malice should result in serious/prolonged punishment”. Permanent bans are certainly serious/prolonged punishments in my opinion, and I believe only one of the reasons for which I was banned could be considered as having been carried out with malice, No.2. Malice against nobody in particular, I had and have nothing personal against the medical Lead at the time. In all honesty, I might have fooled myself into thinking “it’s for the good of the faction” when in reality, deep down I knew it was for none other than myself, which I wholly recognize now.


I’m not sure if I’d be too active upon being unbanned, hopefully not. When I started playing SSTRP, I had ~2,000 hours into Gmod, and I left with ~4,000. I never played another server in that time, and I only started playing in January, so it’s quite apparent it wasn’t a healthy amount. I guess I was spoiled by .net, because right now I know I'll never play a better military RP server than the one I'm permanently banned from, and it is my fault. 

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Noting the contrition I am willing to be reasonable and offer you a second chance. You can be unbanned. 


The staff team will consider whether or not to keep you unbanned at the next series of admin meetings. 

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