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Wiki can be found at http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Main_Page

(Or just click "Wiki" on the top bar on this page)



I can't edit or add, what gives?

You need to sign in to work the wiki. Something wrong with the account creation process or simply can't be assed? Try the guest login.


Username: GuestEditor01

password: guestpw


What am I allowed to edit?

Aside from FFRL stuff I don't care. Then again, I don't even care about FFRL stuff. If you want to make a page for your characters former unit, you want to add a planet or you want to make a wiki page about the Federal bar assortment and a softdrink, go ahead, I don't care, any page is welcome (aslong as it isnt overly stupid and breaking canon) (no, the Federation doesn't force you into enlistment and you cannot be conscripted)


Also, other people's character pages are a big no-no. if something's bothering you, talk to them.


Are there any other rules?

Yes. You create a page, you maintain it. Ideally you'd check by every now and then or so to update it. This obviously primarily goes for character pages, who either get promoted/demoted (change rank) or die/go missing (change from Active to Inactive). Events on the server could require you to update your page aswell, but that's your call.

I've made good experience with chronologic writing so you don't drown in potential would-be updates. So instead of writing "The current Platoon Leader for the 112th is Captain Bently", you'd just write "In August 2298, the platoon leader was Captain Bently". That way it feels more organic to have a long list when we later have more and more MI leaders..


Where did my page go?

Sadly, sometimes people write something that blatantly breaks canon or simply doesn't fit. One scenario could be where you write about your character's former unit consisting primarily of conscripts. I, as administrator at SSTRP and inofficial canon curator, reserve the right to delete such pages so that people who are new to SST(RP) do not get the wrong impression of the universe they are roleplaying in. Ideally, I would contact you and talk to you about what is wrong and urge you to change it, but if you use the guest login, this might not always be possible.

No hard feelings. I appreciate every attempt to enrichen the SSTRP canon.


I'm a real badboy and want to cause mischief, thanks for the guest login!!!

that's okay, it takes me 30 seconds to roll back the pages you vandalized and to ban your ip from the wiki and the server. I'll likely deactivate the guest login if there's severe cases of abuse, so good job robbing people of their opportunities.


I'm a really nasty badboy and want to vandalize with a vpn!!!

you can hide, but you can't run



Useful to know

Search is case sensitive and a big bitch in general. If your page is called Dickpuncher McGee, the wiki might not return results if you search for Dickpuncher mcgee.


External images do not work. You have to upload images to the wiki. Scroll to the bottom and use "Upload file". Don't worry, we have plenty of HDD space last I checked.


I'm 100% positive I uploaded a picture to the wiki, why can't I add it to the galery/use it as media?

See the first entry. If your file is called McGee.jpg, you need to search for exactly that, including file extension. mcgee.jpg will not work, as much as Mcgee.jpg won't work.

Always include file extension if you want to include pictures somewhere. That's usually .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif.



How can I start with useful contributions?

Check the red links. Somewhere, someone made a hyperlink to a page that does not exist yet on the wiki. If it doesn't exist, it gives a red link and gets marked on this page. http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Special:WantedPages



What are the currently available templates?
















How do I get a new template?

Request one via PM. Tell me what you need it for and what needs to be in it and it shall be done


I want my own account.

Until @Xalphox fixes the captcha issue, shoot me a PM with the username and the password you like for the wiki.




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Unused files (pictures) will land here. They're free for grabs.


I've also uploaded a ton of 'stock' images that you can use for articles. Let's hope they inspire you. First come first serve. Once a picture is used somewhere on the wiki, it disappears from the category, so no need to worry about 10 colonies having the same images.

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