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Ashley Weiss

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Ashley Parker Weiss




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Basic Information

Personal Name: Ashley Parker Weiss

Date of Birth: 10th of April, 2274

Age: 24 Y/O

Occupation: Space Naval Fleet Lieutenant

Affiliation: Federation

Marital Status: Single

Place of Birth: Terra - Lansing, Michigan, United States

Spoken Languages: Native English; Fluent German; Working-level Spanish Knowledge



Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Blue

Overall Build: Lean

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Weight: 137 lbs / 62 kg

Height: 5'5"



Attitude: Upbeat; Calm; Sarcastic

Habits: Humming and singing to herself; Clearing her throat; Taking several naps

Mental State: Sane

Alignment: Neutral Good, "Benefactor"


Military Information

Rank: Lieutenant

Station: Head of Relay; Engineering Minor

Branch: Federal Fleet




Rank History:



10th of September, 2298 - Recruit

11th of September, 2298 - Private

20th of September, 2298 - Private First Class



16th of October, 2298 - Officer Cadet / Relay-Engineering Officer

6th of December, 2298 - Ensign / Relay-Engineering Officer

9th of December, 2298 - Lieutenant / Head of Relay

29th of January, 2298 - Lieutenant / Transfer to Calibur



[ALIVE] Martin Weiss, Father - Fireman

[ALIVE] Amelia Weiss, Mother - Hairdresser




Ashley Parker Weiss is a lieutenant who is currently deployed on the Ulysses S. Grant as part of the 112th Battalion.


Weiss was born in Lansing, Michigan on the 10th of April, 2274 and graduated from East Lansing High School in 2292. She was admitted in Michigan State University shortly after and took an undergraduate-level major in Mechanical Engineering. After her graduation in May 2296, she was employed by a government-funded company as a maintenance engineer, that focused on mass-production of vehicles for military and law enforcement, with her job mainly consisting of carrying out routine scheduled maintenance works, diagnosing equipment faults, quality inspections, arranging and controlling maintenance tools and equipment and ensuring the continuous flow of the machinery.


During her time as a a maintenance engineer however, Weiss mostly had a negative impression on her profession, especially the company she was working for. The pay was low, considering her gained knowledge, which influenced a bad impression on being an engineer in general for Weiss. She felt out of place and unhappy. Consequently, Weiss quit her position in January 2297. She had no choice but to share an apartment with Douglas Archer, one of the closest friends she met during her time as an undergraduate. Weiss jumped from several jobs to the other: As a barista, to a mechanic and even as a waitress.


Weiss remembered one of the buildings she always passed by during her hunt: A recruitment office for the Federal Armed Services, specifically: Mobile Infantry. The flagpoles that flew the iconic United Citizen Federation and Mobile Infantry flags always taunted her in a sense. In September 2298, she finally entered the office with an open mind, only to be influenced by Sgt. Forrest Draz. Her talk with the sergeant led to her decision of joining the Mobile Infantry: The sense of directly supporting and defending the Terran society and its well-being played a considerable role in this; It was the driving force of her settlement. This led to her deployment on the Ulysses S. Grant in September 2298.


Weiss enjoyed her time as part of the Mobile Infantry. She felt like she was part of a big family as she met new people and created new bonds. She did however had a keen interest on the operation, the logistics of the ship, as she read up files and documentation of the Grant. After all, she did have some knowledge on mechanics herself. Inspired by this, Weiss finally took it upon herself to send in a transfer request from the Mobile Infantry to the Federation Fleet.


Photo Album





Lansing, Michigan - United States, Terra







Lansing, Michigan - United States, Terra

"Excuse me? What do you mean I'm too old for this? ...Are you saying that I look old, [...]"







Fleet Barracks - Ulysses S. Grant

"Yes- Sure... Uhuh. Yup-- One more page, okay? Okay."


Voice Claim





Romantic Feelings | Respected | Liked | Acquainted | Neutral | Disliked | Hated

(Work in progress!)


Amanda Whitfield

"I first met this pretty bundle of joy at the bar with Choi. She's fantastic company to have. Amanda comforted me when I was sad, talked to me for hours on end. She has a great personality, is an awesome listener, and very affectionate... Hm, I just hope that I showed the same characteristics. Oh and not to mention; Another cuddle buddy."


"She got transferred out to the Sephton, logistics officer. Meaning I won't get to see her much often anymore."


Sylase Freeman

"I first got to know Freeman at an inspection. Had some laughs with him here and then, but I haven't gotten to know him on a personal level yet. However, out of observation, Freeman seems to be very capable at his job as a medic."


Alexander Tschenkowtisch

"Awesome guy, hilarious human being. Nothing I can complain about him! He jokes around a lot and, to be honest, I can't help but laugh at them."


Valeria Faust

"Ah, ein Deutscher! Just by knowing the same language and having the same kind of background, that shows me a sign of trust and respect. I speak German, she IS German. However, I have yet to talk to her on a personal level, which I do look forward to!"


Sarah Redbrick

"Mm- I haven't really spoken with Redbrick as much. She's a terrific person to be around with none the less. Redbrick gave me insight on what to do and what not to do- Basically how not to act stupid."


Vito Dominiko

"Corporal Dominiko- First met him at the bar, like almost half of the people I've introduced myself to. He's decent and honorable... However he did deliberately wake me up from my afternoon nap slash cuddle."


Maxine Valentine

"Another gal with a very interesting, decent personality. I could see myself talking to her continuously; She's a wonderful friend to have. Cute glasses too. And uh. Also, thank you."


David Harris

"Private First Class David Harris. One of my favorite buddies who tend the bar; He recommends me fantastic drinks and I actually got to know him a bit. I have yet to work with him on the field, which I look forward to."


Eric Shepard

"I got the opportunity to meet him during one of our drops. Fantastic trooper to have by side, someone I can rely on to have my back. Haven't talked to him personally yet though. I have yet to try and get that convenience."


Jusev Lynch

"Hm. I tried to connect with this medic, but he wouldn't budge. Seems like a very interesting old fella none the less."


Jee-Un Choi

"My very first interaction with this gal was on my second week. She had been drinking at that time... Painting a rather negative first impression at first. However, I got to talk to her in the bar a few days after. She's generally a fun girl, a great listener, decent and someone I can always engage into a quick conversation."


"I just found out that she's fantastic at cuddling. Yes please."


"She comforted me... I might have developed some- Questionable feelings for her. I'm still uncertain."


"I've... I've grown to like her. A lot. We've been around together most of the time, been on many dates and bonded together. I could literally bond with her all day long. We both felt a real connection. We finally sat down during a dinner date and confessed to one another... I've not regretted that decision. I love her."


"We had a falling out. A rather disastrous falling out. Though, we found common ground after a while and are now on much better terms."


"Broke up with her."




Daniel Dumont

"Man, I love this guy. He's an entertaining person to have around, always lightens up the mood, but also a fantastic medic. I luckily had the opportunity to talk and train with him! Keep being yourself, doofus."


"I have gotten to like Dumont even more, after hanging out with him a few times! He's got this really special power to always make me giggle. What a guy."

"Hm. Have I developed feelings for Dan as well? Argh, I'm a mess."


"My heart dropped after seeing his name on the memorial board. God, I couldn't believe it, at all. And just as we were becoming close... It's... It's heartbreaking. To lose someone close- To lose a fantastic medic and friend. It's heartbreaking." //


Lydia Schmidt Valentine

"Lydia is reaching her thirties, so she's older than a lot of us in fleet. Our first interaction was kinda awkward though- I shouted 'hey' behind her back only then realizing that I mistakenly thought it was someone else. That's when we started talking however and I gotta say, I do not mind her company at all. I could talk and gossip with her for hours on end. I hope to continue this friendship! Also-- She likes cuddles."


"She got transferred out-- Or something. I didn't even get to talk to her before her departure out to wherever. Hrm-- I still wish her all the best." //



Aaron Holtz

"Holtz! One of the first few people I got to introduce myself to right after my deployment on the ship. He makes me laugh and giggle... I don't know, but there's something about him... I don't feel uncomfortable around him, no no, exactly the opposite. Mm- He's just a great person to talk to."


"I've gotten to participate in many drops with him since my deployment and to be honest, I've gained a great deal of respect for the Warrant. I... Hm. To say it lightly, I might have developed some... Some feelings for him. Especially after some private talks. Hm."


"Where have you been, Aaron?" //



Ernest Miller

"Ah, Corporal Ernest Miller. I approached him whilst the whole ship was quiet. You know what, I had a fantastic time talking with him, getting to know him and so on. He's one of the many people on the ship that can surely make me laugh, talk to and gossip with for hours on end."


"I can't believe that you're gone as well... It's a shame not having you around anymore." //



Jamie Sanderson

"One of the many first few people I've met as well. This guy seems to be more than capable at doing his jobs, however I haven't talked to him that much like many others- Don't get me wrong, I'd be looking forward to knowing more about him!"


"I've never seen this guy since. God-- Where is everyone?" //


Recker Kovacs

"Kovacs-- A down-to-earth guy I met in the bar. I talked to him for hours-on-end, and not once did he bore me with anything. He's always open and honest, although sometimes he might speak too openly. Kovacs taught me some... Unorthodox fighting techniques right after we had a drink and a long talk together. I trusted him at this point. We ended up cuddling together like I do with almost half of the people I meet!"


"Another one bites the dust, I'm guessing." //


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I already know you don’t like valentine so what about dumdon dumnont


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