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Omar Quinn

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Name: Omar Quinn

    Station(s): Science

    Biography: The highlight of a youth’s schooling - the apex of their entire life up to this point: test results. Test results meant everything in a Federation rich with the idea of earning your way, and paving the future for oneself. After all, a citizenship wasn’t free, nor was life, and so these scores meant it all… In truth, though, the notion of doing well through determination and willpower, was partially an illusion.


Much of the system begins far before you even take those tests, and your opportunities stem from your parent’s own. Like in Quinn’s case. He was born into both the wealth, and the influence. A well taught education came easily, albeit expensively, and some of the best tutors his side of Karrus were only a phone call away. He made sure to take full advantage of these offerings, too. With eyes set on Military Intelligence, he needed some of the highest marks plausible -- because he wasn’t some general’s son, or a psychic, just, well, rich. Full time studying, with also a part time hobby of book-worming, sums up basically all of Quinn’s early life.


However, the pipe dream of intel shrunk as both Quinn, and Karrus’ pride, grew. The “New Earth” scare effectively barred a Karrus native from the higher echelons of what was then their policing force, so an alternative was required. With marks far too high for infantry, yet an ambition crushed too low to utilize his potential: fleet stuck out as the middle ground. A bridge position specifically, backed by the man’s taste for the sciences. He sought out cadet schooling after receiving his scores, which were disappointingly low relative to expectations, par science, and soon found himself salvaging his future in the confines of a ship.

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Accepted as OCdt for Science, write up a Techdoc such as mine, doesn't have to be as flashy. You can send it directly to me on the forums in the format you'd like it in, complete with pictures and all.  Poke through the Wiki about Fleet stuff to see what's already been written up. You can write up any one aspect of the Grant that isn't already established. Life Support, CIWS, Software systems etc.


I wont be the head of your division, as Science currently doesn't have one, however as the LtCdr I'll be accepting your application in their absence and Kris will be teaching Science to you when the chance arises. @Kris

Feel free to PM if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

Ask an admin to get the Fleet flag so you can make your character.

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