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Eternal Light

David Harris

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Basic Information

Name: David Harris

Nickname: N/A
Place of Birth: Newcastle, England, Terra
Date of Birth: 12/07/2279
Age: 19
Gender: Male 


Physical Description 

Height: 5ft. 7in

Weight:  151 lbs
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: Green

Ethnicity: Caucasian



Military Information 
Rank: Private First Class
Branch: Mobile Infantry
Date of Enlistment: 31st August 2298
Years of Service: two weeks
Service Record: 
Promoted to Private (Pvt.)
Promoted to Private First Class (Pfc.)



▪️Minor scars on face from a bug mite clawing at him

▪️Gashes and puncture wounds on right leg from unknown creature in the water



Personal Information 

Father: Cpl. Alan Harris - Alive- Retired-43

Mother: Sarah Harris - Alive- Full time Mother-44

Sisters- Leanne Harris - Alive- At school - 17

Brothers- Pvt. Ryan Harris -KIA- 24










▪️Good sense of humour



▪️Loner most of the time



   David grew up with his family in the city of Newcastle, England, Terra. Being the middle child David was expected to follow in his father's and older brother's footsteps. David's father retired from the Mobile infantry at the age of 40 to spend more time with his family.


    Ryan, David's older brother, took it upon himself to sign up to the Mobile Infantry at the age of eighteen after finishing college to make his father proud of him. Making David the eldest sibling in the house to look after his younger sister still at secondary school. David wasn't the brightest of the kids in class but he managed to scrape on through with his studies passing his tests. He then then took his chances to further his education with college just like Ryan did. His studies went well for the first 5 months when he was pulled out of class by the college headmaster to be informed that his brother was killed in battle. Spiralling into a deep depression he ended his studies. he spent an entire year in his room isolating himself from the world.


   One day in the summer during the rare times he left the house he had come across a recruitment tent at a local festival, after a lengthy talk with the recruitment officer David took a form home with him. For two weeks the forms sat there fully signed but never left his desk while he sat there staring at them for hours at a time in deep thought. One day he pulled himself from his slumber grabbing the forms from the desk and confronted his parents holding out the signed forms, with a hug from his mother and a firm handshake from his father David made his way down to the recruitment office to hand in the papers.


   Weeks later he receives a call from the office calling him for training to which he jumped to the opportunity. Packing what he needed he was off to one of the many training camps dotted around the country. His training ended sooner than expected due to the fall of Terra; David and the other recruits were sent into active service straight away designated a division on the spot. David never saw his bootcamp buddies again after that day. He was shipped off to the F.S.S Grant to start his service.


Personal Relationships 

Love interest▪️| Good friend▪️| Friend▪️| Liked▪️| Acquaintance▪️| disliked▪️| Hated▪️| Feared▪️


Maxine Valentine- Though I don't know much about her, she seems like a really nice person to be around. She taught me to operate the SAW efficiently which I cherish in the field and I am really impressed with her sleeve tattoo. I think she gets lonely down in the armoury almost every day. I should keep her company when ever I can


Cait 'Teddy' Donovan- One of the first troopers I met when I arrived onboard the Grant. Had our first conversation in the med bay when she patched me up then again later in the Bar area where we had a lovely conversation. I don't see much of her now with her being busy with her duties in the medbay.


Alice Vickers- She got me through my first drop alive and always keeps checking up on me to see how well I am coping with the new environment in the company. One of the best NCOs I have had the pleasure of meeting


Ashley Weiss - An upbeat fellow trooper. I've seen her around a few times onboard the ship. Had our first proper conversation when I made her a nice drink. I hope to get to know her more but still early stages so I'm not that worried about not knowing much about her


Vito Dominiko- When I first met him he was quite a quirky character. Walking around with a fake moustache and shades. Now that I have got to know him more he is quite a fun guy to be around and a good team leader. I would follow him anywhere into battle.


Jamie 'Dutchess' Sanderson - There isn't much to say about this lad, Seeming like a easy going bloke, Likes to spend most of his time in the bar whether drinking or not he's always there when I see him. I've fought along side him on missions and he seems like a competent soldier.


Daniel Dumont - Not much I can say about this guy, He's a damn good medic and has saved my life a few times on missions, Only time we speak is in the pub and it isn't very long but overall great guy


Sarah Redbrick - Like many of my fellow troopers I met Redbrick in the ship's bar area. I got her a beer and we started chatting a little. It's nice to see another person from Terra onboard. We can talk about our time on that wonderful planet we call our home. I've worked along side her on the battlefield and I must say she's becoming an amazing NCO.


Samantha Ruse - where to start with this one? Ruse is one interesting character if I do say so. Very talented on the piano, I could listen to her all day on it. Then there's the other side of her which seems quite childish and mental but we all can't be perfect. It makes her more interesting when she's like that.

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