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Admyral Joe

Dossier: TRAPPIST-1 System [Ulm]

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One of the furthest laying colonies and one of the wettest, being a significant producer of water for the Federation. Its notable objects are Ulm & Novoid.

Other objects within the system are TRAPPIST-1b, TRAPPIST-1c, TRAPPIST-1f, Scaich & Gráinne. The closest colonies currently recognized to the system are Fomalhaus (14.8ly away) and Cyrus Tarquin (Approx 15.2ly away).


An animation of the orbit around the TRAPPIST-1 star, with colour coded orbits.





                                An image captured of a Colonist standing next to the Federal flag during a convergence event.


  • The only colonized planet in the system. Centre of water distillation & distribution in the system. It is 1e in terms of location.
  • Low level irradiation on the surface, leaving the population in domed residences and underground in protected enclosures, increased vitamin D deficiencies caused by genetic defects, albinism and lower levels of melanin.
  • The planet is bathed in a perpetual sunrise by an appearing pink sun on its bright side, it dominating a whole 3 degrees on the sky, compared to the 0.5 degrees of Sol or Luna on Earth.
  • The planets as shown in the image captured above, would dominate the sky of the colony, appearing so large in appearance that someone standing on Ulm can see the continents of the planets clearly formed, without the need of binoculars or other enhancements in the case of its planetary neighbours.



History of Ulm


  • Colonized in 2275 by Chonchaire Water, it was chosen as the best choice for an initial settlement. Nominally part of the Federation, it has lacked much of the standard colonial incentives until post-civil war.
  • During the Civil war, Ulm stayed neutral initially for fear of invasion from Sanctuary, however with the dawn of the Coalition and its proximity to Centauran space, it declared its allegiance to the Coalition, leading to shortages in some Sanctuary planets as water shipments did not arrive.  
  • With the dawn of 2298 it has been reinvigorated with the need for more water. The population is steadily growing and the Colony has started the process of making more permanent bases on the other planets.
  • Its colonists are entitled to the standards of all civilians, though with the exception of not being allowed pets without a license to curb excess strain on the underground atmosphere systems.
  • The population is 68,000 strong as of 01/09/2298, though is steadily rising.
  • The colony is rather wealthy for its size due to the ruling government’s usage of its water production.
  • By the end of 2298, the councillor and Governor of Ulm became Speaker of the Council, supporting Sky Marshal Cortez as the new replacement.




(Novoid as on Federal databases. )


  • Local Designation of 1d.
  • No permanent population on its outposts, though there are temporary outposts.
  • It has the most advanced xeno life in the system, though most of the wildlife is friendly towards humans, the most notorious being the Possuat, what is the number 1 pet on Ulm, surpassing Terran pets.
  • 5% of its total mass is water, compared to 0.2% of Terra’s mass in the early 21st century. As such, to say it has water on the planet is a somewhat of an understatement.
  • The singular continent has a plethora of animals and temporary bases for when colonials arrive to extract water, though there is no permanent population.
  • Plans for a permanent colony are being proposed through the Federal Council, though with Operation Helios and Operation Salvation it is not a priority.


This is it for the Dossier on the most important planets of TRAPPIST-1. This is a brief analysis for Intelligence and MI leadership on the system in the event of a pirate event.

Kind Regards;

FFRL Astronomy - Susanne ó Conchobhair.


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