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Ranks of the Mobile Infantry

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Afternoon, Infantry, I'm writing up this post to clear up a few small confusions or questions regarding each rank and what they can do, can't do, and what their jobs are. 




F-E-1.png - Private

  • The first rank an Infantryman is to be Promoted to after their first drop, Private holds little to no responsibility or authority. They are expected to follow any order from a Superior, whether it be a Private First Class or a General. 

F-E-2.pngPrivate First Class

  • A Private First Class is yet again, a Basic Infantryman and Enlisted soldier. However, a Private will be promoted after doing several drops, or sooner than that when showing potential to a higher up. Again, they have little Authority, only really being able to give commands if put in the Position of a Second in Command to a squad or unit, or Squad leading themselves, which should be very rarely done. 


 rlgLM3R.png - Lance Corporal

  • Often considered the stepping stone to Leadership positions, Lance Corporal is not earned by doing a certain number of drops, but by showing potential to a Corporal or higher. They hold minor responsibilities and authority, often being tasked with simply leading Squads if needs be, but mostly being a Second in Command, much like a Private First Class. 


F-E-3.png - Corporal

  • The first of the None-Commissioned Officer ranks, Corporal is where your job as a leader begins. Corporals are trusted with leading squads on drops, or the entire Unit if needs be. They are also tasked with helping Sergeants with running a training. On top of this, Corporals are tasked with helping Lance Corporals with adjusting to their new ranks and helping them prepare to become a Corporal themselves. Corporals can promote people up to the rank of Lance. Corporals are capable of giving out none Physical NJPs. Making people run laps, do PT or anything else that does not involve directly physically hurting another trooper below them. To issue out a Physical PT, they must ask a Sergeant or above for permission. 


F-E-4.png - Sergeant

  • Often, and accurately referred to as the Backbone of the Infantry, Sergeants are tasked with running frequent Platoon wide training, running drops and helping Lance Corporals and Corporals with getting better at their jobs and helping them learn the ropes. Sergeants and above are also capable of handing out any NJP that does not involve grievous injury. (Broken bones, Psychological scarring or anything that could make someone incapable of dropping.) 


F-E-5.png - Staff Sergeant

  • A Staff Sergeant is a rare rank only handed out to the most trusted of troopers. Being the first Senior NCO rank. Staff Sergeants are tasked with primarily over watching the Sergeant roster. They will closely work with Sergeants, helping them improve or being their Second in Command in drops to advice them on improvements or taking over a drop should the Sergeant in charge be doing a terrible job themselves. (Staff Sergeants or above should always drop lead in the scenario of a major campaign or larger scale operation.) They are to run a entire Platoon training at least once a month, and frequently have one to one discussions with Sergeants to help them improve and work on their faults and flaws.


F-E-6.png - Master Sergeant

  • The Master Sergeant is the middle man between the Officers of the Platoon, and the NCOs. They run the Staff Sergeants, giving them objectives and telling them what to do over the following weeks. Often assigning each Staff Sergeant with a specific task. They are also to watch over training that happens, being sure things are being done right, and generally keeping up with the Entire NCO Roster, relaying any concerns to the Officers of the Unit to keep them in the loop of what is happening on Ship. 


Other Ranks


F-E-7.png - Warrant Officer

  • Warrant Officers are often previously commissioned officers, but not exclusively. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable troopers, often working as Advisory Staff to NCOs and Senior NCOs. Stepping in to help the NCOs with running a training, running drops or managing the Troopers. Authority wise, it is usually decided by the Company Officer what each Warrant should be doing. It could be anything from running drops frequently to simply observing the Troopers and relaying information directly to them.


F-E-5.png - Gunnery Sergeant

  • The Gunnery Sergeants are troopers who have immense knowledge of the weapons available to the Infantry. They are to run regular group training for the Enlisted, or doing any training regarding weapons and equipment if any Enlisted specifically requests to be taught more about a weapon available to them. Gunnery Sergeants hold minor Authority in anywhere that is not the Armoury, however, inside the Armoury, they are able to order anyone around below the rank of Staff Sergeant, even able to hand out any NJP they see fit to anyone using guns irresponsibly or being insubordinate inside the Armoury. Gunnery Sergeants run the Armoury, maintaining the equipment inside, from the guns, to the ammo to explosives all the way down to Sim room equipment stored inside. If an NCO below the rank of Staff Sergeant wishes to use anything inside the armoury, for example, run a training in the Sim Room, they must request the equipment from a Gunnery Sergeant.
  • (OOC: If there is no Gunnery Sergeant online when you want to do your training, you do not have to ask a Gunnery Sergeant. HOWEVER, if a Gunnery Sergeant is online, you must ask them for permission to run a training inside the Armoury, the Sim Room or using any guns or weapons in said training)


NCOs who wish to run a training must give a list of everything they need for the training, including:

  1. Weapons
  2. Ammunition
  3. Miscellaneous Equipment
  4. Sim room gear

The list of equipment must involve the name of the gear, the quantity and what it will be used for. For example: Requesting one Morita, 3 magazines and a Dummy to be used for Target Practice. 

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Something to clear up with the Gunnery Sergeants. 


You don't HAVE to be trained by a Gunny to use new Weapons.


NCOs can train you in guns if a Gunnery Sergeant isn't around.

NCOs can run a training on any gun, or do platoon wide trainings with out asking a Gunny when they aren't online.

However, it is preferred you ask a Gunny ICly to be able to do a training, explaining the purpose of the training, the equipment needed for said training for the sake of added Roleplay and passive instead of just "/report TP me to the the sim room pls" 

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