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Lance Corporal Sam Ruse

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A picture of Samantha taken the day before she shipped to basic.



Father - Kenneth H Ruse [KIA] 

Mother- Francine J Ruse [Unknown] 



General Information

Name: Samantha Maryl Ruse 
Rank: Lance Corporal

Role: Mobile Infantry, Engineering

Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 5th, 2279
Place of Birth: Pittsburgh Pennsylvanian, Terra
Relationship status: Single
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 115lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Red
Nationality: American
Religion: Lutheran
Gender: Female
Criminal Record: None

Blood type: O+


From a young age Sam always looked up to her father since he was the only one in her life. Her Mother had left shortly after she was born going to

"galivant across the stars" the letters she left said. Sam's father Kenneth was her hero and she did everything she could too be like him.

Unfortunately like most her father was killed in action leaving her with nothing but an empty house and a life that she needed to figure out.

An old family friend by the name of Gary Fredricks took her under his wing getting her a job at the blasting yard near her house,

teaching her the ins and outs of the business. She quickly moved through the ranks of the blasting yard soon becoming the youngest foreman the company had ever had.

Sam's life has never been sunshine and rainbows but she makes it work. Soon after her eighteenth birthday she began talking to a

Mobile Infantry recruiter becoming interested in following in her fathers footsteps. She is now stationed on the Grant doing her best at making friends and a new family

as they move from star to star eliminating the threats to the Federation and her new family.


Relationships (Ask to be added)

Admired/ Good friend / Friend-ish / Hates / Neutral / Loved (It will never happen) 


LCpl Jamie "Dutchess" Sanderson - He is a sweet guy tries to hard in my opinion but he was one of the first people I talked to face to face. He was there when I got promoted and has kind of just been there ever since. Probably one of my better friends a on the boat so I cant complain with that one.


Cpt. Sebastian Bently -  I've had the honor to have some one on one time with him he is truly a man I would want as a mentor. He seems like a hard ass who hates life but I've seen another side of him which gave me faith. Outstanding leader by the way. 


TSgt Aiofe "Kansas" Hviteulven - She was a rauder when I met her and her boo thing. Truly a sweet and genuine person from what I've seen now she is my Tech Sergeant and I really can not complain. Happy to have her near.


LT. John York - One of the first engineers I met while waiting in medbay to get my BT. Him and Aoife are adorable. He took my paper work and put me to work quickly hopefully I don't let him down!

Haven't had many convos with him but who knows maybe that will change. We sat down and ran through some things.. this man truly is awe-inspiring I strive so that one day I can be like you..


WO. Aaron Holtz - A warrant Ive been trying to get to join the engineers he keeps saying no but I know Ill get him to crack. Says he worries about my mental health and my ability to shrug off death. Holtz cant be too worried I give him cookies every now and then.


Sgt. Kyril Layland - He has taken me under his wing and named me girl... Kinda fucked up but Im going with it because he is a good teacher. Gets annoyed quickly also seems like he thinks with his dick more than his brain but hopefully we keep it professional. I really don't want to run into any problems with relationships....


Spc. Charlie Timms-  A fellow engineer also the one who first trained me. I think he looks over me like a big brother kinda sweet in that aspect always telling me Im going overboard though. The day I got promoted he  "Fell" into the glass a bunch and I didn't see him often after that. He is back now and yeah doing the big brother thing again.


Sgt. Patrick Stevenson - I see him around a lot like... a lot. Usually the head honcho on drops when It comes to leading them. I've never had an actual full on convo with this guy but he seems like he knows his shit so maybe Ill learn a thing or two about him.


Cpl. Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch - He is a good dude. Strange like me kinda? Made me run shit ton of up and downs so I could keep my qrench after chasing him down when he said he ate the piano. Yes I was instantly triggered and threw a wrench at him... but all in all good dude who I hope stays alive.


PFC. David Harris - I rarely hear a word from this man more so "Coming right up." or "I got you." Always behind the bar so I guess I would consider him the boats bartender? Im pretty sure he was checking out my ass along with Franke and Miller but eh boys will be boys. Does like when I play the piano though.


2Spc. Sylase "Missing foot" Freeman - I would be lying if I said I didn't enjoy this dudes company. He has a fucked up sense of humor like myself and didn't mind when I laughed a bit as we cut off his foot..

Truly a trooper for going through an unnecessary foot amputation with multiple comedic pauses. Hopefully get to keep him around for a bit the world needs more crazy people. 



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