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Marco Dominiko

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Name: Marco Dominiko

Station(s): Helm, Weapons, Relay, Science, Engineering

Biography: Marco Dominiko, the younger and better off cousin of Vito Dominiko, was born to a middle class family in New Jersey. Ever since he was a boy, Marco was surrounded by space craft, due to his close proximity of the enlistment center and space sport growing up. His fascination wih fleet began when he witnessed TAC pilots flying formation during a miltary parade. From that point on, Marco was dead set on becoming a member of the fleet and enlisting as soon as he was able to. Having a rather strong school performance, Marco spent most of his time in high school preparing to enlist in the fleet academy. He had little times for friends or social activities, causing him to be somewhat of a outcast among his peers. This led to him feeling lonely and isolated, but motivated to get offworld. Coming from a civillian family didn't help the fact that he had very little social support. This meant that neither parent had the experience or advice to guide him on his ambition of joining fleet. He was essentially on his own throughout his early life. During the initial progenaitor invasion, New Jersey was hit rather hard, forcing Marco and his family to flee offworld. Fortunately, he had already finished school, meaning he was able to enlist, but the chaos of war time meant made the process long and tenius as him and his parents were shuttled from space port to space sport, among many other refugees. It wasn't until numerous months later until he was finally granted the opportunity to take on federal service. He would now eagerly await the results of his application into the armed forces of The Federation, eagerly hoping for news of acceptance, rather then the much feared scenario of denial into fleet.


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Accepted as OCdt for Helms, write up a Techdoc such as mine, doesn't have to be as flashy.

Check the Fleet category to see what's already been established, then submit your techdoc to me via PMs or in response on this thread. It can be any one aspect of the ship that isn't already established. Lifesupport, CIWS, Sensors etc.

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