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Jon Paul Bohannon

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Name: Jon Paul Bohannon

Station(s): engineering, relay. science

Biography: Jon Paul was born June 6th, 2258 in the town of Meridian in Lauderdale county, Mississippi. He grew up on a small farm that was run down due to his father being away all the time serving as a Captain in the Mobile Infantry. During his young life he worked on the farm. raising livestock. Cow, Swine, Chicken, and Horses. Growing tobacco and cotton. When the family got a contract to raise K9s to be used as Rescue dogs, bomb dogs and drug dogs, income started to come in to support the farm. He helped raise them and helped trained them to be loyal and obedient before sending them off to be trained by Police, Fire Departments and the Military. In High School he played Jump Ball as a inside linebacker. During his Junior year he went to his local career center where he began training to become a firefighter. His senior year he took the EMT class and passed. He continued playing Jump Ball all through high school. He had gotten a scholarship, a full ride for a college but instead decided he wanted to continue his carreer as a firefighter. When he was 21 he went to a enlistment centre where he enlisted and was shipped off to Tereshkova Fleet Academy on Luna. His first assignment was on the Alvin York where he worked as the communications specialist before he was transferred to the Bull Run and then the Shiloh working at the weapons station. He finally was transferred to the UCF-ACF-BC-117 'Audie Murphy' where he was assigned as the helmsman.


After Operation Breadbasket the ship was in need of  technicians and  since there were so many crewman assigned to the bridge he volunteered where he worked as a technician becoming the lead Technician. Soon the ship made a brigade designed to fight fires in the case the MI were unavailable.  When Fleet was being re-organized he was transferred back to the bridge where he was a Chief Petty officer. He trained people at the helms running simulations. He was promoted to Senior Chief Petty  Officer and continued to train and run simulations. When Ensign Chamberlin and him were on the bridge alone they received orders to go to a system and when they arrived they were met with an overwhelming separatist fleet. Being the only two on the bridge the fended off and completely destroyed the separatist fleet and one year later they both were given Fleet Distinguished medals. For actions along side Ensign Chamberlin, in fighting off an overwhelming separatist assault as the only two fleet members on the bridge.


Jon went back to being a pilot, flying drop ships. He was assigned with his co-pilot Jimmy C. Caldwell and flew hundreds of missions. One missions included flying a modified dropship which was used in the capture of Colonel Rigarc of the Than'Sol for Major Tomic. When he was flying another mission his drop ship started taking anti-aircraft fire one of the rounds flew into the cockpit and exploded killing his co-pilot Caldwell and wounded Jon. He managed to safely crash land the drop ship but was wounded more when he was ejected from the windshield. He survived his wounds and made it back and later began training his new co-pilot Heartfilia. He eventually after having his drop ship flipped by a robotic monster and his left forearm ripped off had to be put off and sent away to get therapy for his arm. Arriving back he flew a couple more missions before he passed the baton off and began training the pilots. After Terra fell and after the Civil War he was shipped away to train the new generations of pilots at a academy on Iskander. He was transfered back to the Grant a couple of times to instruct pilots but was transferred back to train more pilots.

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Accepted as OCdt for Engineering, write up a Techdoc such as This (Jun's), doesn't have to be as flashy.

Check the Fleet category to see what's already been established, then submit your techdoc to me via PMs or in response on this thread. It can be any one aspect of the ship that isn't already established. Lifesupport, CIWS etc.

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