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Ymot Tommy Wort

Time for me to go.

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My time on this server has been fun and I will always remember the good days back in summer where I made cool friends and played as Carter :) I started playing this sever again after a very bad time in my life, playing here helped me massively and was a great distraction from the bullshit. Playing such a positive char like Carter and being surrounded by whole different world was a perfect release, I am thankful to all that run the server, even the ones that might not like me. However, over time, it felt like a dark cloud was forming and as it went on this server became less of a release for me and became more stressful.


As someone with complicated mental issues its only wise I leave, I am a working adult now and I get stressed at work as much as it is.


My favorite days of the server won't come back, and they shouldn't, things will keep going foward and changing, for bad or worse. There is just some change I can't keep up with and dramas I no longer have the time for. Time for me to go.


Ymot x


One day I will be back, promise.

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I will miss you brother. It has not only been a blast but an amazing experience playing with you.

I wish you nothing but the best for the future and always leave my door open if you need anything.

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