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17:31:46 - **Pvt. Hayden Gallagher would rummage around in his pocket and pull out some neatly folded papers.
17:31:53 - **Pvt. Hayden Gallagher hands them towards Lick.
17:32:06 - **Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch takes them, folding them open and starts asking "Age?"
17:32:16 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: Twenty-Six.
17:32:23 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Eye color?
17:32:30 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: Brown.
17:32:37 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Length of your penis?
17:32:40 - : ansty has just loaded in.
17:32:45 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: A very moderate six inches.
17:32:57 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Count of your balls?
17:33:01 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher: Four.
17:33:05 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: Okay.
17:33:09 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: That's all.
17:33:23 - **Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch packs the papers in his pockets, folded of course.
17:33:37 - Cpl. Alexander 'Lick' Tschenkowitsch: I did not expect brown as answer.
17:33:50 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher[LOOC]: Oh shit I FORGOT MY EYES ARE GREY
17:33:54 - Pvt. Hayden Gallagher[LOOC]: AHHHHHH


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