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Admyral Joe

Dossier: Erving System & Scarvis.

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Erving System



Artists representation of Erving & Erving-1, not to scale.





The Erving system was named after the astronomer Aleck Erving who discovered its star. The star is a Class G star. The age of the star is approximately 4.1 billion years old, slightly younger than Sol.

It’s major planetary bodies are Scarvis and its two moons; Trisk & Langt.

Other Objects in the system are Erving-1, Erving-3 & Erving-4, as well as a dozen celestial objects in the forms of moons of various sizes around Erving-3 & 4.  




A map of Scarvis, showing the multiple impacts in its life as a planet.

  • The only place colonized or of any note in the Erving system. It specializes in the production of Food both Alien & Terran, with mining of Titanium for Spaceship production also another significant export.
  • Tectonic-ally active. It is a fact which lets Volcanic materials such as basalt, Granite and such rise to the surface with relative ease. However, settlements around them is not a known thing, leaving that for the mining organizations on the colony.
  • The planet's history has had significant meteoroid impacts which have left visible scars on the planet's surface, though a boon for getting easier access to minerals from deep in the crust.
  • The colony has a bug presence in the large desert near the equator, centered around a significant impact site. The bugs are kept under check through are not fully wiped out, being used as a sort of training course for the Mobile Infantry and planetary defense forces to prepare for any real invasion force.

History of Scarvis


A ‘Gård’ on the planet's general appearance, built into the mountains to the North.


  • Colonized around 2258 as a small scale mining outpost under Stål Heavy Industries to mine the titanium reserves in the planet.
  • Other than the two major cities, the colony lives in small self-sufficient homesteads, called ‘Gårds’ of a few families clumped together.
  • The colony is just over 53,000 people large as of the 23/09/2298 and is going through an economic surge with the aftermath of Operation Breadbasket.
  • Supporter of Sky Marshall Cortez & the 6th Fleet during the Civil War, though the average Colonist from Scarvis is disconnected from the happenings of the Federation.


This is a Dossier on Scarvis. A small and unimportant colony that most Infantry members will be accustomed to when it comes to Arachnid deployments. Signed; FFRL, Susanne ó Conchobhair.


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