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Jumpball League

Which team(s) should be covered in an in-depth analysis?  

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  1. 1. Pick a team you'd like to know more about! (up to three)

    • Faraway Fighting Falcons
    • Hod Redhawks
    • Hesperus Habs
    • Iskander Imperials
    • Rhohan Commandos
    • Cassandra Critters
    • Roku San Brigadiers
    • Karrus Centaurs
    • Pallas Purple Rage
    • Zegama Beach Barracudas
    • Leda Lakemonsters
    • Shoreridge III Mightycocks
    • Trappist Titans
    • Sanctuary Sabercats
    • Trio Revolution
    • Hathor Avalanche
    • Samson Admirals
    • Epsilon Prime Privateers
    • Claudius Crusaders
    • Elixaeberna Bluedevils

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Federal Jumpball League

What is Jumpball?

At its core, Jumpball is defined as a futuristic sport, mostly resembling a "combination of American football and gymnastics."

After the utter devastation of the Earth during the Disorders, space was a huge issue, as most of it has been contaminated either in a biological, chemical or nuclear fashion. The Disorders wiped Earth's population to a mere 2 billion. The few bits of land that made it through the war were too valuable to the Federation to play sports on, so all the outdoor activities have been moved inside. Jumpball is played in a gym with fourteen players, seven per team. Like with antique Football, the goal is to advance the ball over the field and score a touchdown by reaching the enemy endzone. Should the attacking team fail to advance the ball, the seven players from that team are substituted and their defence takes the field. Jumpball is very popular throughout the Federation, with many planetary rivalries, for example Hesperus and Hod.


The teams are split into 5 divisions, each sorted by proximity, so it's no surprise Iskander (Proxima Centauri) and Hesperus (Alpha Centauri) are in the same division. A team plays each team within their division twice and plays one match against a team from each division, making it 10 games per team in total. After the 10 games, the division leaders and three wildcard teams (the teams with the best standings) will proceed to the playoffs. From there, it is a short but hard step to the Federal Bowl Game.



((OOC: This is intended to be a little game outside the game. With currently 20 teams, there should be atleast one team your character may root for and maybe follow their games ICly. This is intended to give you something to talk about in character and I'm hoping to incite some heated exchange of arguments in the bar about which team will win their division. Hell, maybe a Sergeant is a fan of a rival team, and now you have even more reason to despise him? As to how this works: It's a simple little math game. I have a few functions in google excel which I will feed with a few numbers and that'll be the result of the games. Some of those values are the team's overall skill/coaching, their motivation and their offence and defence rating. Planetary population is also factored in - a huge 9 billion colony like Iskander simply is more likely to attract or find top athletes. To counter this, a random roll will be included in the equation - giving underdogs an actual chance.

The values above may be influenced by the governor, if there is any. Interested in leading a colony yourself? hit up @Admyral Joe ))

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Here's a video depicting the sports from the first Starship Troopers film.

You don't see them subbing out players for offence/defence but I think they did that because it's a movie and you want to see Rico and Zander and not some fucknut. Realistically nobody would jump around like that for an hour AND play defense.



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