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Roleplaying in arma 3

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So i recently stumbled upon a mod it adds bugs from SST into arma 3 as well as a few props.Saddly the mod was disbandend but its still avalible on the workshop so i thouch maybe you guys would be interested in trying.Ofcourse we would have to improvize due to like only one unifinished mod being on the workshop anyway here is a list of few mods that we may pretend are SST related

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=823636749&searchtext=VSM+All+in+one Adds dark grey uniforms backpacks and vests

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=536544384&searchtext=Famas Adds famas but i guess we can pretend those are morrita rifles



MA-96 Comes whith the vannila game for those of you who dont know the MA-96 Is just a markeva reskin that came whith the vannila game

As for our VTOL Xian sort of resembles it closly there is a couple of reskins avalible on the workshop

Some of the vannila props sort of look futuristic enouch to be used for base compositions

Plenty of maps on the workshop and for something that dosnt look so eaRthish if that makes sense there is a star wars mod that adds some maps from other planets

ACE Mods will make it way more realistic

TFAR Will make the radio contact way more realistic


Most of you probably dont have arma but for those who do it may sound like a nice idea but not sure if it would be enjoyble since literaly nothing about it accept for the bugs feel startship troopersish.

anyway it was just an idea tell me your opinions about it.




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