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Eternal Light

Amanda Whitfield

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Name: Amanda Whitfield


Station(s): Helms, Weapons, Engineering, Science, Relay.


Biography: Amanda grew up in the suburbs of York, England, Terra with her Mother and Father, Being an only child her parents were strict on her to be the best, better than they ever could be wanting to give her a future and not waste her life. They paid to give her a great education to which she scraped through her studies. She wouldn't class herself as a swat in class but she was no idiot. She passed school with flying colours and applied for college to further her education where she spent years studying and making friends. She had partaken in a specialist course for those wanting a military career in the near future to which she tried her luck with fleet as apposed to the Mobile Infantry Officer courses.

With her exams creeping up quickly she studied every other night putting much strain upon herself where she unlocked her true potential to work under pressure. Weeks passed after her exams and her results came through. She made her way down to the Federal fleet recruitment office to sign up. She now waits for confirmation on whether she was accepted into Fleet program.

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Accepted as OCdt for Helms, write up a Techdoc such as mine, doesn't have to be as flashy.

Check the Fleet category to see what's already been established, then submit your techdoc to me via PMs or in response on this thread. It can be any one aspect of the ship that isn't already established. Lifesupport, CIWS etc.

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