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Eternal Light

Amanda Whitfield

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Basic Information

Name: Amanda Whitfield


Nickname: Whitty

Place of Birth: York, England, Terra

Date of Birth: 13/04/2278

Age: 21

Gender: Female 


Physical Description 


Height: 5ft. 3in


Weight:  133 lbs

Hair colour: Light/medium brown

Eye colour: Hazel


Ethnicity: Caucasian



Military Information 
Rank: Lieutenant (Acting Captain)

Branch: Federal Fleet


Date of Enlistment: 25th September 2298

Years of Service: 0 years 4 months

Service Record: 

Assigned to the UCF. Grant

Promoted to FLt.

Transferred to the UCF. Sephton

Transferred back to the UCF. Grant

Demoted to SCPo.

Promoted to MCPo.

Promoted to Ensign.

Promoted to FLt.

Promoted to LtCdr.




Personal Information 


Father:  James Whitfield - Deceased -45

Mother: Maxine Whitfield - Deceased -44

Spouse: Neal Stevenson - Alive


Martial status:  Married






social drinking






▪️Good sense of humour





   Amanda was born and raised on Earth in the small town of York, with her parents. Being an only child her parents were very strict wanting her to do her best so that she could get a good career later in life. Her father, a Fleet Commander in Fleet kept her in check from a young age. Her mother, a nurse, was never around very often. Amanda spent most of her time away from home at boarding schools provided by her parents to further her education.

   At the age of 18 she enrolled in university and by coincidence, the Federal recruitment was on campus. The event was packed with young an upcoming troopers wanting to do their part. she walked past what seemed to be a mile long line of students all wanting to sign up for the Mobile Infantry. down the slightly smaller line for Fleet. She pondered for a long time on whether to sign up and as if something clicked in her mind she picked up a pen and signed her name for specialized courses on helping her join Fleet.

    Over the next two years she studied hard in class really taking an interest in the course. Upon graduating she was given a chance to join straight away to join the 112th division as an Officer. She jumped to the opportunity and within a few weeks she was shipped off to the UCF. Ulysses Grant.



Personal Relationships 

 Family▪️Love interest▪️| Good friend▪️| Friend▪️| Liked▪️| Acquaintance▪️| disliked▪️| Hated▪️| Feared▪️



You know the drill, put your name forward to be added


Leana Wells 


Where to start with this one? First time we ever communicated was on the staircase asking ‘If I was single’ been meeting a few times in the bar recently though and her behaviour hasn’t changed. She seems to have sex on the mind at all times since most of her conversations seem to involve something sexual. At least nothing gets dull when she’s around.


John York


Haven’t really spoken to him but he does spend some time with Wells, he was there during my first encounter with Leana seeming unphased by her awkward questions towards me.


Ashley Weiss 


Met this young Private for the first time in the Bar, she was talking with Choi and they are good friends with each other. A friend to Choi is a friend to me. I kept her company when she was feeling down to help cheer her up after she was given some bad news. I hope to continue this friendship. Next thing I knew she transferred to Fleet so I see her a whole lot more and she loves to sneak up on me for a cheap jump scare.

She's on her way to becoming a fine officer, already making Lieutenant even though she hates it when I address her as an Officer which is fun to tease her with. I'm very happy to see her climb the career ladder just hope it actually doesn't affect our friendship.


Neal Stevenson


A well kept pilot always looking out for me, He took me down to the surface in a dropship though just happened to be an AO full of plasma bugs which really put me on edge until we were safe back on the Grant. I believe he's took a liking to me by buying me gifts like the silver ring with an eagle on the bridge of it. He's a very good friend in my eyes and I would hate to lose him. I've started to take a real liking to him also. Could say I love him.


We are now happily married and I enjoy every moment we spend together. I can't believe it happened so quickly I'm glad it did though.


Elisabeth Winters 


The newest Commodore to the Grant, she seems very friendly and willingly took me back on board when I requested to transfer back. She always seems pleased with my work with getting the Grant back on track with the repairs and guiding her through space.


William A. Saint-Claire 


When I first met this trooper he seemed a little off, always walking around with a trashcan in his hands everywhere he went. I learned to not question about the trashcan at risk of being talked to death about it. Other than that he seems like an okay trooper. Now part of the medical crew I am a little curious as to how he handles that. On a personal level I would say I kinda like spending time with him. I find his weak attempts to woo me quite amusing. Hope he never changes.


Vito Dominiko


A trooper I see from time to time in the bar and around the ship. I suspect he is related to Marco in some way but I can't be too sure. With him being with Engineering I think we'll be working hand in hand through out the Grant fixing all the vital components. He seems like a good man and a fine soldier to the Federation.


Veronika Harth


When I first met her, It was in the bar and she was so very quiet. She never really spoke to anyone when she first arrived. Now she is a Lance Corporal and very upbeat at least when I've seen her, She has quite a liking to apple that I think I will need to order in a few more crates of apple juice just for her. She's a good person with a great personality and I hope to continue this friendship we currently have going on. 



Victoria Rose


An odd girl, Then again she is part of the spook squad as the troopers like to call MIPOD. First time seeing her she slammed a Polaroid picture on the bar then walked off, An odd girl indeed. She'll fit in well with the 112th I suppose.


Carson Sawyer


Carson Sawyer is one the best pilots I have ever had the pleasure to meet. These days I see her more than just a work colleague, I see her as the younger sister I always wanted. I would do anything to ensure her safety and to be there in her time of need, I love her as a family member. Her pleasant childlike attitude always makes me smile. as an Officer I see a bright future ahead of her. Making Wing Commander she's made me proud and her service record is amazing to say the least.


Naomi Reel


Naomi and I have had an interesting relationship so far. Starting as strangers in the bar onboard the Grant to becoming friends. Her upbeat and caring nature brings new life to my days when she's around. She's one of the oldest and dearest friends I have. From an Officer's point of view she has high potential to progress through the ranks making the Federation proud, Follows orders well and being in the Engineering side of things she is very useful to have around.


Jeremy Nash


I've known Jeremy since academy, For months he was my training instructor. He taught me everything I needed to know to become part of Fleet and to pilot one of the mighty starships. I never saw much of him after I was stationed on the Grant, we kept in touch a little as he kept on checking up on how well I was doing. Now he works alongside me again as my superior and a guide if I need one as he is more skilled in this line of work than I am.


Adrien Goose


Unmistakeably one of the most disrespectful troopers I have ever met, Our first encounter on an RnR did not go well and every one since then has lowered any form communication between us that doesn't end in myself yelling at him. on many accounts he has shown a lack of respect towards myself and many of my officers and other members of the fleet crew. This type of disrespect can not go unpunished even after chats with his superiors. If words can not end his attitude then actions shall. I'll be sure of it. 


Lisa White


Lisa White is one of my TAC pilots, under the command of Carson Sawyer the two seem to get along really well, which is what I like in a crew. I haven't spoken much with White but she seems nice enough once we get enough downtime I plan to sit down with them and learn a bit more from her. her service record is outstanding and I can see her becoming one of my best fighters out there alongside Sawyer. Keep up the good work White!


James Reacher 


James Reacher, one of the MI engineers I've seen about the ship helping the crew fix up our ship. He's always focused and helpful which I can't fault him with. I can't say I know much more about him though he seems pleasant to be around, my crew have taken a liking to him so he's good in my books


Alvaro Lupinacci


Alvaro Lupinacci, Lupi for short, Is one of my most helpful crew members currently. He's always up on the bridge taking control of situations when I or any other officer is unavailable. I see him rising through the ranks quickly if he keeps up his work. Possibly seeing him become an officer


Rangi Setu


Setu, Like Lupinacci, shows great potential amongst the crew, I can't find a fault with him, He does his job perfectly and keeps things in check when I am not around. I enjoy working alongside him on the bridge and will continue to do so, He is a good man and a great help.


Roskana Nejem  


Amanda Winters


Winters is one of the most pleasant officers I have the fortune of speaking with. Back on the Grant we would have daily meetings over a nice cup of tea and sometimes just a general chat. Now our chats are limited but she is a beacon of hope when she's around, A well respected Officer and friend.





Aranea Saint-Laurent



My superior, Fellow Officer and Gym buddy, Even though our conversations are short I still enjoy them and I know I can turn to her for guidance if I need it. I am happy to be working along side her on the bridge and she seems pretty decent on a personal level.


She's gone now, killed by her own stupidity and I will never be able to get the image out my head for a while now. You will be missed Aranea.



Jee-un Choi 



When I first met her, she wasn't much for talking. Short few word responses but as we started to see each other more and more through out the ship we've started to hold proper conversations. She and Artyom seem to have fun messing with Sylase and myself by always being around but I do enjoy their company making new friends.

been talking to Choi a whole lot more now, spending lovely time on the bridge. I seem to have found one of her interests, she seems to like explosions and is inching for a space battle. I also see why she got the nickname ‘Snuggles’.

Update: She achieved her goals of becoming the Captain of the Grant, I am so happy for her! Though I hardly get the chance to talk to her these days I know she's still around.

A wanted fugitive now on the run forever from the Federation, I dunno how to feel about her now. She was a great friend and a supportive CO, Always there when I needed her most. Now she's gone and I'll never see her again


Patrick Stevenson


Neal's older brother, I hear stories about Patrick almost all the time from his younger sibling on what type of person he is and his personality. I have met Patrick a few times in the ship's bar and a couple times around the Grant. He is a pleasant person and easy to talk with. He cares a lot about his younger sibling even if they have rivalry when out of sight of others.


Annabelle Thacker 


A lovely trooper see working in the Armoury every time I go down there. She is very friendly towards me and I enjoy her company even when not using the range. Don't know much about her still but I am working on it.


Sylase Freeman 


One of the first medics I met when I arrived. He offered me a drink in the bar area and showed me his musical skills upon the piano and offered to make me a meal.

We tried dating and things were going well at first but due to complications I had to end it before things got worse. I hope he can forgive me and we can still remain friends for the duration of our time in federal service.


Artyom Kholvok 


Artyom seems like a friendly character though I haven't had a full conversation with him, Met him in the bar on my second day onboard the Grant. I like his accent and when he speaks in his native tongue from time to time. Would be fun to learn his language if I ever get the time to sit down with him. Even just to learn a few words and phrases.

Now that I have had a decent conversation with him I am starting to like him even more. He admitted he likes to get in between myself and Sylase but it's all fun and games, My Guardian angel as it were protecting me.

Update: I have not seen Artyom in a long time. Last I saw him was before I was transferred out. I pray nothing bad happened to him and I see him again.


Marco Dominiko  


A fellow fleet Officer, Transferred in only a couple days after I did, We both operate the Helms and have similar interests. I really look forward to working along side him on the bridge.

Update: Another disappearance since my transfer to the Sephton. Starting to get worried.


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