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Eternal Light

Amanda Whitfield

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Face claim




Basic Information

Name: Amanda Whitfield


Nickname: N/A

Place of Birth: York, England, Terra

Date of Birth: 13/04/2278

Age: 20

Gender: Female 


Physical Description 


Height: 5ft. 3in


Weight:  133 lbs

Hair colour: Light/medium brown

Eye colour: Hazel


Ethnicity: Caucasian



Military Information 
Rank: Officer Cadet

Branch: Federal Fleet


Date of Enlistment: 25th September 2298

Years of Service: 0 years 1 month

Service Record: 





Personal Information 


Father:  James Whitfield - Deceased -45

Mother: Maxine Whitfield - Deceased -44







social drinking






▪️Good sense of humour







Personal Relationships 

Love interest▪️| Good friend▪️| Friend▪️| Liked▪️| Acquaintance▪️| disliked▪️| Hated▪️| Feared▪️



You know the drill, put your name forward to be added


Artyom Kholvok - Artyom seems like a friendly character though I haven't had a full conversation with him, Met him in the bar on my second day onboard the Grant. I like his accent and when he speaks in his native tongue from time to time. Would be fun to learn his language if I ever get the time to sit down with him. Even just to learn a few words and phrases.

Now that I have had a decent conversation with him I am starting to like him even more. He admitted he likes to get in between myself and Sylase but it's all fun and games, My Guardian angel as it were protecting me.


Sylase Freeman - One of the first medics I met when I arrived. He offered me a drink in the bar area and showed me his musical skills upon the piano and offered to make me a meal.

We tried dating and things were going well at first but due to complications I had to end it before things got worse. I hope he can forgive me and we can still remain friends for the duration of our time in federal service.


Marco Dominiko - A fellow fleet Officer, Transferred in only a couple days after I did, We both operate the Helms and have similar interests. I really look forward to working along side him on the bridge.



Jee-un Choi - When I first met her, she wasn't much for talking. Short few word responses but as we started to see each other more and more through out the ship we've started to hold proper conversations. She and Artyom seem to have fun messing with Sylase and myself by always being around but I do enjoy their company making new friends.

been talking to Choi a whole lot more now, spending lovely time on the bridge. I seem to have found one of her interests, she seems to like explosions and is inching for a space battle. I also see why she got the nickname ‘Snuggles’.


Leana Wells - Where to start with this one? First time we ever communicated was on the staircase asking ‘If I was single’ been meeting a few times in the bar recently though and her behaviour hasn’t changed. She seems to have sex on the mind at all times since most of her conversations seem to involve something sexual. At least nothing gets dull when she’s around.


John York - Haven’t really spoken to him but he does spend some time with Wells, he was there during my first encounter with Leana seeming unphased by her awkward questions towards me.


Annabelle Thacker -  A lovely trooper see working in the Armoury every time I go down there. She is very friendly towards me and I enjoy her company even when not using the range. Don't know much about her still but I am working on it.


Ashley Weiss - Met this young Private for the first time in the Bar, she was talking with Choi and they are good friends with each other. A friend to Choi is a friend to me. I kept her company when she was feeling down to help cheer her up after she was given some bad news. I hope to continue this friendship.

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