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[FEDNET] MI forces move into Japan.

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Mobile Infantry Forces move into Japan’s Main island.



The city of Shinjuku destroyed during the fighting on Earth. Photo Taken, July 30th, 2298.


On September 26th, 2298, the Federation has finally sent units into the southern tip of Japan’s main island, the so-called “Kyusyu” region. In hopes of setting up a small foothold on the aisle in order to start reclaiming man land Japan in the Operation now known as “Operation Oni”.


It is widely known that the Federation had a base on the Island of Okinawa for some time now in the hopes of taking back Japan, and the time has finally come.


At 0800 hours the Second Mobile Infantry division with it’s Third Regiment, and supporting Fourth battalion moved into the “Kyusyu” region of Japan... The Division is also supported by the Fourth Artillery division, and Third Logistics Division, as well as some fleet assets.



3rd Regiments E-Company moving through the prefecture “Kagoshima”, Sep. 26th, 2298


Mark my words, today is the day we start to take back Japan, and from there, all of Asia.


Was a quote from 2Lt. Brian M. Schaefer, an hour before the start of the Operation.


There still is not much known about the Operation, since it has just started. But what we do know is that they plan to take back the “Kyusyu” region from the Progenitors, before moving onto the main island of Japan and eventually Manchuria. So far they've only entered the Kagoshima region, but in the days to come they hope to take more and even set up FOBs in each prefecture.


There are rumors spreading amongst the populace that another Infantry Division will be brought in to help support the Third, but as of know, it is just speculation.


But, does this mean there is hope for Japan now?

Think you got what it takes in order to reclaim it?

THEN join up with the Infantry now, ask your nearest recruiter for options, roles, etc to do in the Infantry or Fleet.







Would you like to know more?

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