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Uploading a bunch of hairs for people to use.

Use Rightclick > Experimental > Model to load these in PAC.

Note some have bodygroups, also they require readjusting to fit the head (they will load offset a ways).


01 - JillA - Based off Jill Valentine's hairs, has multiple bodygroups, Brunette

03 - Tina - Based off Tina Armstrong's hair, Blonde

04 - Hitomi - Based off Hitomi's hair, Brunette

05 - Jodie - Based off Jodie Foster's hair, includes 2 versions + hat versions via bodygroups, Darkbrown

06 - Diana - Based off Diana Burnwood's hairs, has multiple bodygroups, Brown?

11 - VictoriaA - Based off Victoria's hair from Hitman, has multiple bodygroups, Brunette

12 - VictoriaB - Based off Victoria's Hair from Hitman, has multiple bodygroups, Brunette

13 - Wallaby - Based off Laughing Wallaby's hair from MGSV, has multiple bodygroups, Blonde, Messy


Don't forget to tick the 'Translucent' option on the hairs.

Also don't forget the IC rules about hair length, keep it short and/or in a ponytail. Some of these have long hair bodygroups.


Let me know if any of them have bugs

Others may come with time

 - Jun de Pac Snac


Regarding the impact of these models, the largest file is 79mb (Wallaby's hair), others usually fall between 13-40mb, however the models themselves are usually 1-2mb. Most of the file size is textures.

Also afaik PAC caches files, so once you've downloaded them, unless it detects changes with the file or the cache is deleted, you wont be downloading the 13-79mb -every- time someone wears it, only the first time. I don't know where the cache is though.

PAC4 itself is in general more optimized than PAC3 was, and furthermore .mdl imported models (aka experimental models, such as these hairs are) are significantly more optimized than the classic .obj imports judging from my experiments.

For example, my character Elizabeth Graham's PAC, based off Christie's head, is ~0.500ms when fully loaded. If I change it to a full-body experimental .mdl import and clip it so it's just the head visible, it still drops to ~0.400ms loading time despite loading a whole body with advanced textures and 3 hair bodygroups.

That's a -full body-, fully textured model with normal maps, specular maps and high-quality diffuse maps with a handful of bodygroups, and yet the load time is reduced by ~0.100ms. The model includes hair too.

These models above are -just- hair. Not a full body, granted their textures are quite high quality hence their file size.

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2 hours ago, El Excellente said:

i wish people spent this amount of effort on the server rather than on personal PACs

PAC's are not locked behind admin bureaucracy.

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