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FSN - Breaking News

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If you hadn't noticed, the FSN has been very quiet recently with their broadcast of the Federal Jumpball League, just after week 2 and before the matchups of week 3.

This is because there has been an ongoing negotiation with the Federal Jumpball Conference, who recently went bankrupt. In order to enrichen the experience, increase competetiveness and to truly unite the people of the Federation, the Federal Jumpball League has purchased the Conference's licensing rights. As a result, the FJL will be joined by the 12 teams from the Conference and be distributed among the divisions. This is a massive ordeal in the middle of the season, but it only makes sense from an athletic standpoint for the 12 remaining teams.


The previous 2 games played will be considered as "pre-season" and will not count to the team's overall standing. The records will therefore be wiped and every team begins with a clean slate. The League has yet to confirm the list of the 32 teams. There has been rumors that the colonies of Hesperus and Hod are combining their teams to increase the competetiveness of Alpha Centauri in the league; furthermore there has been rumors about Scarvis, Tango Urilla and the mining colony of Castus entering the league. The idea of a second team for Iskander was quickly shot down.



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