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The Wiaria Argonauts

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- The Wiaria Argonauts -

"We're not here to take part -- We're here to take over!"













Game 1: Venad 4 Raiders; Home; R: W [23-10]

Game 2: Roku San Brigadiers; Away; R: [21-16]

Game 3: Caralon Comets; Away R: [34-3]

Game 4: Castus Conquerers; Home; R: N/A

Game 5: Castillo Colonials; Home; R: N/A

Game 6: Cordelia Cyclones; Away; R: N/A

Game 7: Scravis Stars; Home; R: N/A

Game 8: Trappist Titans; Home; R: N/A

Game 9: Boot Hill Hillbilles; Home; R: N/A

Game 10: Pallas Purple Rage; Away; R: N/A

Game 11: Scravis Stars; Away; R: N/A

Game 12: Cassandra Critters; Home; R: N/A

Game 13: Hathor Avalanche; Away; R: N/A

Game 14: Cassandra Critters; Away; R: N/A

Game 15 Pizzaro Phantoms; Home; R: N/A

Game 16: Trappist Titans; Away; R: N/A


- Division -

Wiaria Argonauts

Trappist Titans

Cassandra Critters

Scravis Stars



- The Wiaria Argonauts Roster -


Head Coach:

*'Coach Boone'



"To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting," - Coach C. Boone


- The Coach in Summary -

Born from Wairia's capital city Pische, 'Coach Boone,' as he is being widely refereed to, is the master-mind behind the Argonauts. Fielding 'out-of-the-box' strategies, and relying on game-plans revolved around short-passes, 'Coach Boone' is expected to take the Jumpball-league by storm, attempting to be the first man in Jumpball-history to propel a new-team to victory, or, at the very least, propel his new-team to the play-offs.


His mission will not be easy -- Fielding a team of inadequate players, he must work and revolve his entire game-plan around his two wild-cards: Wiaria's super-star Quarter-back Dimitar Sprostranov and the talented Running-back Yorgos Koprov.


Name: Charlie Boone

Aliases: Coach Boone, Big Boone, The Boom

Age: 47

Date of Birth: December 4

Position: Head Coach (2298 - Present)



*Dimitar Sprostranov



"We're not here to take part -- We're here to take over," - Quarter-back and team-Captain Dimitar Sprostranov


- The Quarter-back in Summary -

Born from the Wiaria's largest mining community Bardina, Dimitar Sprostranov has taken the Jumpball-league by storm. First making head-lines for propelling his schools 'Tantramar Titans' to gold for the first time in its history (and doing so a whopping three-more seasons), Dimitar Sprostranov became one of the youngest Quarter-backs to be heavily sought-after, being offered scholarships from top institutions located around the Federation, such as Iskander, Sanctuary and even Terra. Eventually choosing to stay with his roots, Dimitar Sprostranov would go on to make an even harder impact on the college-league of Jumpball, positioning his team into the play-offs each season and winning once (on his fourth-and-final year), thus putting Wiaria on the map in regards to Jumpball. Now drafted into the Wiaria Argonauts, all eyes are on the young-colonial and his promising future. If anyone is going to take the Argonauts to the play-offs and break records, it's Dimitar Sprostranov.


Name: Dimitar Sprostranov

Aliases: Number 1, Mystic-mac

Age: 26

Date of Birth: August 15

Position(s): Quarter-back, Captain (2298 - Present, 2298 - Present)

Number: 4

Tome Fildishev



"To play the sport of Jumpball is a privilege all on its own, and to do it for the Argonauts is a blessing," - Quarter-back Tome Fildishev


The Quarter-back in Summary -

Stemming from Wiaria's captial of Pische, Tome Fildishev has enjoyed a life solely focused around Jumpball. Enjoying a relatively successful college-Jumpball career, playing with the likes of Dimitar Sprostranov,  Tome Fildishev finds himself in a similar position: The back-up to Wiaria's super-star. Projected to be another successful Quarter-back in the coming years, he is continuously out-shone by Dimitar Sprostranov.


Name: Tome Fildishev

Aliases: Number 2

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Position: Quarter-back

Number: 13

Saev Vasil



"Get the fuckin' camera out of my face," - Quarter-back Saev Vasil


The Quarter-back in Summary -

Born and raised in Wiaria's very own tough-and-ruthless Marino-project, Saev Vasil had turned to Jumpball in a setting of drugs, alcohol and crime as a means to an end. Having a mere lack-luster Jumpball career, Saev Vasil has been drafted as a mere roster-filler, putting him on relatively bad-terms with the team. Demanding more respect, Saev Vasil is aiming to prove his worth this season. Being a character with a temper, it'll be interesting to see what the coming months will have in store for Saev Vasil, and to see if he can keep that temper in check.


Name: Saev Vasil

Aliases: Red

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Position: Quarter-back

Number: 5

Dejan Karandzhulov



"The Trappist Titans suck, man, it's that simple," - Quarter-back Dejan Karandzhulov


- The Quarter-back in Summary -

Born and raised in the Wiaria's Capital-city of Pische, Dejan Karandzhulov began to turn heads as a promising Quarter-back on the college-scene, playing with the likes of Dimitar Sprostranov. Although suspected to be drafted as a mere roster-filler, Dejan continuously praises his team for allowing him to play "alongside history in the making." Labeled as perhaps the worst Quarter-back on the team, Dejan stated: "I'm the worst among some of the greats, which isn't as insulting as you'd think it'd be -- Still, I'm here to play Jumpball, and I'll prove myself on the field-of-battle."


Name: Dejan Karandzhulov

Aliases: Ol' Lanky, Rocket-man

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Position: Quarter-back

Number: 14



*Yorgos Koprov



"Catch me if you can," - Running-back Yorgos Koprov


- The Running-back in Summary -

Another native to Wiaria's largest community of Bardina, Yorgos Koprov has spent his entire career with the famous Dimitar Sprostranov. Meeting in High-school, the two have created a unique relationship that sees the two of them able to be an incredibly dominating force on the field-of-battle. Dimitar's victories are not just his own, as they are also Yorgos' victories. Expected to be perhaps the best running back on Wiaria, and potentially one of the top-contenders in regards to his Running-back position within the professional-league, Yorgos Koprov has major potential as he projected to take the Argonauts to the play-offs, especially with the likes of Dimitar throwing him every-ball.


Update: Recent injuries have put Yorgos Koprov on the back-burner, with last minute enry Dimitrij Damjanovski stealing the 'spot-light.' He is now projected to be the better Running-back, putting Yorgos Koprov as a replacement.


Name: Yorgos Koprov

Aliases: Happy-feet

Age: N/A

Date of Birth: N/A

Position: Running-back

Number: 8



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Article 1:



Who are the Wiaria Argonauts?


Stemming from the barren-mining planet of Wiaria, the Argonauts are the newest edition to the Jumpball-sport during its largest surge of popularity in recent history. Having been in training for the past two-seasons out of the Capital City Pische, the Argonauts are truly believed to be a wild-card team that holds major potential despite recent critics placing them on the lower-tier rankings in regards to all-around skill.


With coach Boone at the helm of the ship, it is projected that this team will be fielding with a unique-array of 'out-of-the-box' strategies. During open-media-training-sessions, Coach Boone and the Argonauts displayed some impressive maneuvers that aren't typically seen in professional-Jumpball, but of which are seen in college-Jumpball. Given coach Boone's recent history of college-level Jumpball, it is no surprise that he will be applying such tactics that found him success in the college scene to the professional scene. That, or it's all a bluff to off-put upcoming opponents.


As mentioned before, the Argonauts are currently being criticized for their teams suspected lack of talent, specifically in regards to their defense. However, their claim to fame is their offense, as key players Dimitar Sprostranov and Yorgos Koprov as projected to be some of the best players in the league. Although the teams line-up is not finalized, to neglect these players from the field, even after their major successes in the college-jumpball scene, would be an incredible error and may even cost the Argonauts a successful run to the play-offs.


Top 10 Quotes From Irish Superstar Conor McGregor ...

Dimitar Sprostranov -- The Quarter-Back expected to take Jumpball by storm and projected to take the Argonauts to the play-offs by high-hoping fans


Article 2






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