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[FEDNET] Mobile Infantry Forces make claims in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

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Mobile Infantry Forces make claims in the Kagoshima Prefecture.



Kagoshima City outskirts, the picture was taken by Pfc. James Allen. September 29th, 2998.


Today the Mobile Infantry forces of the Second Mobile Infantry division have made it to Kagoshima City, and from the pictures taken it seems to be a rather grim site.


E-Company of Second Division was the first to arrive in Kagoshima city and the pictures were taken there, both by FedNet reporters and troopers just showed the destruction of the city and its outskirts. Much of the outskirts and inner city were destroyed both in the fighting and such after the MI retreat.


As for the combat, the Division is dealing it, it’s minimal. Much of the progenitor forces seem to be on a sort of Auto-Pilot mode, probably due to the Ark being destroyed by the rather heroic, yet weird, 112th platoon.



Outskirts of Kagoshima City, somewhere inside the Kagoshima prefecture, LCpl. Alexia Landerson took the picture.


On a lighter note, Second Divison finally shifted the lines up slightly, forming the main one in front of Kagoshima city.


And going to the rumor that has bed circulated about the other Division, it’s been confirmed. The Tenth Mobile Infantry Division is coming in to start a frontline on the Northern side of Kagoshima, and this is reported to start tomorrow. Some say the 112th will come in and support their division, acting as a sort of “Shocktroop” platoon for them. But this has yet to be confirmed.






Would you like to know more?

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