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OOC Questions + Clarifications

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Hey guys. This thread is meant to provide answers on any psychic-related queries you may have.



We're going to be streamlining a lot of the abilities that psychics have and make them a bit more digestible and accesible.

In the mean time, if there's anything you're curious about, here's the place to get some fax, honey child.




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16 minutes ago, Pilotfish said:

Is there anywhere we can read about psychic powers? I've heard about a system with levels, but I haven't been able to find it.


Under the tab 'Psychic Abilities'


14 minutes ago, Appetite Ruining Kebab said:

Since they no longer carry the Spc. rank and can become NCOs, are they also permitted to go into other detachments?


For now, yes. Except Marauders. No psychic marauders.


edit: specialist ranks are significant only within the faction, meant to show a distinction in skill and reliability.

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8 hours ago, Troy Hughes said:

So is it possible for a psychic engineer to detect mines?


If he uses GUT FEELING, and rolls well, yes.

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