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[IC] Going Forwards.

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Afternoon, First Platoon. I've been fairly busy as of late so I've found myself quite out of the loop. To resolve this issue, I'd like to start holding meetings with the Infantry. NCOs, aspiring NCOs or just curious Enlisted-men. 


During these meetings, I'd like for a weekly plan to be set up. Because of this, they will most likely be held on Sunday evenings. An exact time will be decided during the week.


Those who come to these Meetings are free to suggest things they want to see done, reflect on the week that has passed and express ideas for what they want to see happening during our down time between Deployments. 

The main hope is to give the Infantry and unit as a whole a sense of purpose. Of direction. Ever since the retaking of Terra we've had little to work with on things to prepare for like the weeks leading up to re-taking Sol. I feel that we, as a unit, have become stagnant. Let's see if we can change that.


Anyone who has any ideas or suggestions for what should be discussed in these Meetings or when they should happen, simply reply below. 



- Cpt. S. Bently

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