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FSN 1 -- Pische

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An aerial shots is shown. At first, it is nothing but mere-desert and dust with vegetation sprinkled there-and-there. However, the camera begins to pan-up before showing a towering-city that seemingly glistened in the sun. It truly is a modern-sight to behold as highways, vehicles and vessels all pour in-and-out of the mega-city, mimicking that of Las Vegas in Nevada.


Moving long distance from LA to Las Vegas? Move4Less 702 ...


Music that makes the soul excited begins to play as text gives name to this unfamiliar location: Pische -- The Capital city of Wiaria. Shots begin to show the bustling streets, of which are up-to standard and appear clean and modern. The people, although not dressed the best, appear up-beat and excited. A voice begins to accompany the various shots of the heart of the city:

->  <-




"Hello, and welcome to FSN 1 -- I'm Wiaria's correspondent Arial Nobashov based in Pische, and today we will be running over some exciting news that was announced this morning..."


Shots begin to show what would clearly be a simple scene: A stadium, obviously new. It appeared modern as it was surrounded by a large parking-lot. The camera pans over the field, showing insight to its internal-compartments: A Jumpball field being mowed by machines. At least, that is what one could assume. The Argonauts logo called the center of the field home.




"The Argonauts Center, home of the Argonauts," Arial Nobashov says, accompanying the viewers with his nervous voice, continuing his narration of the live-feed. "--Truly beautiful. Arguably a sign of good-times ahead for Wiaria, especially when you hear about the price tag that came with this building."


Shots pan to the man sun-kissed by hours out in the sun. He chuckles. He is lanky-and-scrawny, and has a large-nose. His mouth is big, and his teeth white, however his mouth, for the most-part, is blocked by the large mic he holds. Unlike other anchors, he wears a plaid-shirt. "Regardless, we have some confirmed, uh-- Some confirmed news if you're following the hype-train that is the newly announced Wiaria Argonauts," he states, holding the mic close to his mouth. "Their first game-- Here! Here in Pische as this season starts after the... Complications, as we'll call it... The complications that the Jumpball league ran into earlier this month."


UFC Lifts Ban On Reporter Ariel Helwani, Will Allow Him To ...



He collects a cup from beneath his desk, taking an incredibly quick-and-small sip. "Their opponents will be the Venad 4 Raiders who will be a good first-impression of the Argonauts," Arial states, lifting a finger. "But, analysts are speculating that the Argonauts will be able to secure a win quiet comfortably."


He shifts in his seat, cocking his brows-twice. "Furthermore, Coach Boone and the owners of the Argonauts have scrambled to finalize their roster earlier this morning, almost missing the dead-line... For those of you that live under a rock," he says, chuckling. "Dimitar Sprostranov and Yorgos Koprov are two of the initial five released names early this morning -- Not a shock there."


The video-feed shifts to stock-footage of the Argonauts training -- One would suspect that this is not live, although the symbol 'Live' still flashes. "What is a shock, though, are the suspected names to be filed in with this years season... Uh, if you haven't been following that, the majority of this roster is... Well, I don't mean to sound critical, but -nobodies-."


Training Camp - Toronto Argonauts


"I've read somewhere that one of the defensive line-men is a man -- get this -- a man who wasn't even drafted in the college Jumpball-scene. Now, compare that to other teams... I think we may be in trouble," he states, his voice becoming shaky. "Now, I will say this: Dimitar and Yorgos are projected to be some of the best players in the league by 'scouts!'"


"What that means, I'm not entirely sure. To steal lines from my colleagues: 'We will be hoping to dominate them more-offensively than they can dominate us.'"


The camera shows Arial once again. The mic was lowered as to expose his flashy-smile. "--But this is exciting. To have Wiaria have their own team, and to have -some- analysts give us a chance... It's exciting. I can't stop following this stuff, you guys. We will not know how well we'll do until balls are thrown, for lack of a better term," he states. "Regardless, I'm Arial -- Uh, Arial Nobashov and this has been FSN 1... But! Before we send you off to your next program..."


UFC: 'Banned' reporter Ariel Helwani's version of story ...


He smiles smugly. "Check out this interview I got to conduct with Wiaria's very-own..." He lets a pause sink in for 'dramatic-effect.' "Dimitar, everyone -- I got paid to conduct an interview with Dimiar. Enjoy it, everyone..."




Dramatic music sets the scene as a shot begins to show Arial, dressed in a red-and-black plaid shirt, standing before the super-star. He is smiling, looking into the camera, as Dimitar eyes him briefly. "Hello everyone, I'm Arial Nobashov and I'm here with--," he says, shifting the mic to Dimitar. He looks to it, cocking a brow. He chuckles. "They already know who it is, man," he replies, chuckling. He claps his hands together.


Arial shifts the mic back to himself. "Yes-- I'm sure everyone does!"


"They most certainly do," he replies as the mic is shifted back to his mouth. "I'm the one who put Wiaria on the map -- I'm the one who put our country-men proudly before the Federation."


Arial nods his head. "You did," he states, gesturing to Dimitar with his hand. "But tell me-- What is it like... All this, that is."


"Well, it's what you'd expect -- Obviously I'm honored, y'know, as a patriot to my people and I'm proud to represent them in my personal-quest to go down as one of the greats."


"But the weight on your shoulders-- Surely it's a heavy one. Everyone is expecting you to take the Argonauts to the play-offs."


"It's not as heavy as you'd expect, right? I-I-I've done this time-and-time again, whether it was for my high-school or my college. I'm use to this," he states. "But this is also not-just me. I'm out there with my comrades, so..."


"It makes things easier," Arial butts in, finishing his sentence.


"Yes." Dimitar chuckles.


"Do you think you have what it takes?"


"Well, I-- I'm certain that we have a better chance than people make us out to have. Coach Boone has some things lined up for us so... We've come prepared for a war, Arial. An absolute war. To be honest with you, our vibe... It's a good vibe. We all work together well and we're all confident..."


"One of your claims-to-fame was your predictions before games -- Any predictions now?"


"I say we win our league and make it to the play-offs."


"How about in regards to your upcoming game? What words come to mind when you hear 'Raiders?'"


He chuckles. "History."


"Quite the claim -- Any final words?"


"Yeah... Tell em' I'm comin'!"



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