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Greg Simms

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Cultural Theme (NSFW)




Basic Information 
Name: Simms, Greg
Place of Birth: Odessa, Texas
Date of Birth: March 29th 2276
Age: 24
Gender: Male 
Height: 6'2
Physical Description: 
Weight: 220 lbs of Alpha Male protein muscle
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green

Discernable Marks, Tattos, or Scars: Very disfigured and scarred area on the entire left side of his face. The result of an acid attack. Left arm from the top of the shoulder down to the elbow is scarred and the skin looks stretched over ribbons of flesh due to a plasma weapon. Large puncture scar just above his right knee. Laceration/Gash scar from the top of the right elbow down to the beginning of the wrist. Individual scarred areas are on his face, lower right jaw, right cheek as well as his neck from shrapnel. Has several scars over his torso, focused around his sternum, once again from shrapnel. 

Military Information 




Rank: Corporal
Branch: Mobile Infantry 
Date of Enlistment: July 9th 2296
Years of Service:  2.5 (Including training)
Service Record: 112th Battalion 1st Platoon

Combat Drops: 25

Personal Information 
Family: Yulanda Simms, Martin Simms
Backstory: Born originally in Texas, went to his first several years of school on Terra. Ended up moving with his family to Karrus where he'd spend the rest of his adolescence until finally signing up for military service at the age of 21 after taking a gap year to relax and work menial shit jobs.
Characteristics: Polite, Redneck, Respectful, Self-Aware, Competent, Inquisitive, Social, Decisive, Consistent, Fair, Conformative, Procrastinator, Realistic, Humorous, Stubborn, and Arrogant.
Strengths & Weaknesses: Very decisive in decision making and very confident in his own abilities as a soldier. Can sometimes be too stubborn and too decisive, ignoring suggestions made to him once his mind is set on a certain way of doing things. See's things in black and white, very rarely ever seeing things in shades of grey.
Other Information: Always has tobacco on hand and always has a giant pinch in his lower lip. Dislikes a lot of things in life, anime and liberals being a close tie together followed by cucks and beta males, also vegans, also people that don't drink., oh and also people that can't take a joke or handle having their balls busted.


Recent Developments: Got fragged by a friendly.

Personal Relationships & Inner Dialogue


Jesus - Loved


Valerie Faust - We'd have badass children.


Thacker - Your face reminds me of my



Valentine - Can rely on.


Hyde - Why do you exist? Johnny is not overrated. 


Castillo - 50 50 split between liking and wanting to punch. 


Stevensson - can't use frags


Redbrick - would bang, is ginger.


Lobber - solid soldier, not sperg. (Is marauder now nevermind)


Madoc - Solid fuckin trooper would also bang.


O'Shea - solid trooper too would drink beer with.


Blanka - mind rapist, stay away from me.


Lick - calm yourself you're too emotional.


Freeman - Also too emotional, fag.


Smith - keep spreading the good word and keep your faith in the lord.


Dominiko - wears aviators indoors nuff said


Hughes - doesn't understand banter


Stokes - useless






Other than that who knows? Find out if you want or don't, doesn't matter.

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