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Tiberious Hathcock

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Name: Tiberious Hathcock

Station: Relay/Comms

Biography: Born in January 2273 on Rhohan to import and export workers Chris and Dianne Hathcock. Tiberious grew up appreciating hard work and self determination, seeing his parents work their asses off to provide for him instilled in him a deep sense that will power and self motivation are what makes a person successful. As Tiberious grew up and went to school he took an interest in telecoms, radio and math. His grades reflected his interests, excelling in the sciences and mathematics. Upon completion of high-school and graduating his desire to leave Rhohan and seek adventure was at an all time high. Just like most of his school friends, he decided on applying for military service, to his surprise he was offered Fleet and accepted. Further tests conducted to find job placement for Tiberious would eventually have him transported to the Fleet academy of communications and relay operations, spending most of this time training to be able to effectively send and receive communications and other information through the giant vacuum known as space. 

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Accepted as OCdt for Relay, write up a Techdoc such as mine, doesn't have to be as flashy. You can send it directly to me on the forums in the format you'd like it in, complete with pictures and all.  Poke through the Wiki about Fleet stuff to see what's already been written up. You can write up any one aspect of the Grant that isn't already established. Life Support, CIWS, Software systems etc.


I wont be the head of your division, as Relay currently doesn't have one, however as the LtCdr I'll be accepting your application in their absence and will be teaching Relay to you when the chance arises.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions, concerns or comments.

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